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The progressive editorial cartoon about the January 6th Hearings.

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Music To Our Ears

If guns laws in Washington, D.C. weren't as strict as they are I honestly think we'd have Trump as dictator right now. Once Trump's mob started shooting up the Capitol Trump would have instated the Insurrection Act and then it'd be all over for our little Republic.

How restrictive are the DC gun laws? How about firearm registration, no open carry, severely restrictive concealed carry, no magazines larger than ten rounds, background checks, online training, no automatics or silencers, ten day waiting period and red flag laws.

Congress doesn't need to write a brand new gun control bill. They need look no further than out their front door.


The oil companies are intentionally damaging this country's economy by gouging us all with high fuel prices. That's empircally true..

But we can fight back and win against them.

All we have to do is drive slower. All of us. This would increase gas mileage and result in a decrease in fuel usage causing another glut, at which point prices would have to drop. (Under normal circumstances, but these are not normal times and the abnormal Republican Party has no interest in furthering windfall tax legislation.)

It really is that easy. But it really is that hard, too, because we live in a country of the Heavy Foot people.

The Biden administration should begin saturating the media with PSA's on saving gas. Maybe it might just lighten a few tootsies.


Of the many responses by pundits on the January 6th hearings my favorite so far is Stephen Colbert who said:

"[Ivanka's testimony that she believed that her father did not win the election] was bitter-sweet for The Former Guy. She finally screwed him."


One last thing..... I appreciate Liz Cheney's job on the January 6th committee so far but she's Dick's child so I trust her, to quote Douglas Adams, "About as far as I can comfortably spit out a rat."

My view is that she sees Trump as an impediment to her White House journey. Never forget that she voted with Trump 92% of the time and put his three quislings on the Supreme Court, which why she's begun to court the Independent vote by acting all nobly bipartisan. Yes, her actions will lose the MAGA crowd but the GOP is about power and they'll be happy to back anyone with adequate polling figures and an "R" after their name.


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News & Notes for June 10, 2022

Ginni Thomas pressed 29 Arizona lawmakers to overturn Trump's defeat.

Multiple members of Congress asked Trump for pardons after the January 6th insurrection.

The January 6th committee says Trump oversaw a sophisticated 7-point plan to overturn the election.

Corporations are using inflation as a cover to jack up prices.

Trump thought Vice-President Mike Pence should be hanged by his January 6th mob.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the January 6th hearings.

trump's dogs comic guns and nra comic