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The progressive editorial cartoon about the January 6th Hearings.

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His Master's Vice

If I hired an assassin to kill a person and we're both caught in the act the law says I'm every bit as criminally liable as my hired gun.

Trump incited a riot at the U.S. Capitol and people died. Someone tell me how he is not similarly liable for those deaths.


When Trump was in the White House he had all the tools necessary to prove the election was stolen.
He couldn't because it wasn't.

Dude's gonna die in jail.

Fingers crossed.


Former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien ducked his January 6th appearance today due to "a family emergency".

Do you know what Stepien's current position is?
He's running the campaign for Liz Cheney's opponent in the upcoming elections.


Small wonder he has his wife's labor induced (probably0.


Future headlines:

"Gov. signs bill requiring teachers to be armed."

"Student shoots teacher with her own gun."

"Gov. signs bill requiring teachers to hire armed personal guards."

"Teachers go to capitol. Kick governor's ass."


There's a new postage stamp being released featuring Nancy Reagan. I want these SO bad because there are any number of things I can have her say in little word balloons to the possible delight or disgust of the billing department of my local utilities.


Yes, the January 6th hearings are shining a light on all the cockroaches scattering out of Mar-a-Lago but let's not forget Ukraine, abortion rights, Uvalde, greedy oil companies, devastating climate change, the COVID resurgence and this little bump on my arm. Does this look infected to you? I dunno, maybe I ought to see a proctologist because it kind of looks like Trump's face when the light falls on it just right, but that could just be the chocolate milk talking.


end rant

News & Notes for June 14, 2022

Trump scammed supporters out of $250 million dollars for non-existant fraud fund.

Trump's Truth Social is banning users who mention the January 6th hearings.

Universal health care could have saved 330,000 lives during the COVID pandemic.

Trump knew he'd lost the election before he claimed he didn't.

January 6th panelists have enough evidence to indict Trump.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the January 6th hearings.

gas prices comic guns and nra comic