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The progressive editorial cartoon about gas prices.

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The Putin Tax

The is much gnashing of teeth lately regarding gasoline prices but it will be as nothing compared to the day when enough vehicles begin operating on renewable energy that affordable gas prices will become a fond memory.

At some point the demand for gasoline will drop so low that refineries will begin shuttering, it will be harder to find available gas, and a gallon of gas will be expensive. Very expensive.

And who is going to be left behind paying all those high prices? The poor, the one's who won't be able to afford the newest tech. And a used Tesla that needs a new $12,000 to $20,000 battery pack (if they're even available ten or fifteen years later) is no bargain.

On top of that the country will have millions of cars that will still operate but will lack fuel. What happens to those cars?

I suppose there could someday exist bespoke, private label, custom gasoline producers, working out of small facilities crafting small runs of high-octane fuel for classic vehicles whose owners are unwilling to shoehorn in a electric motor and a battery pack in place of Detroit iron.

When the transition comes I hope it's quick and I also hope there's some kind of federal program to help those of modest income get a EV into every garage and a plant-based chicken in every pot


I wonder, considering all the information the January 6th Committee has been presenting, if more members of Congress are quietly coming forward with further information in hopes of softening the blow of legal ramifications sure to come.


You know what we had during Watergate that we do not have any longer?

Walter Kronkite. A trusted, serious voice we turned to every evening for the real story in the news.

There is no one like that now. In fact, in Fox News, it's the exact opposite.


I keep hearing that the J6 Committee isn't planning on making a criminal referral.

Actually, the J6 Hearing IS the referral. The indictment(s) will come later.


The GOP evil geniuses at work:

" The January 6th Committee is going to reveal some damning information about Giuliani's drunken schemes to overthrow the government. We better get ahead of this by dressing him as a jack-in-the-box on national TV."


end rant

News & Notes for June 15, 2022

Proud Boys leader given plans to occupy congressional buildings and Supreme Court.

Video released of Republican Congressman leading groups of people around the Capitol on January 5th, 2021.

Florida's Jews claim abortion ban violates their religious freedom.

Biden administration shipping 44,000 pounds of infant formula on Thursday.

Wind and solar power saving Texas' ass during heat wave.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Karen: Do you know why gas prices are so high?
Lefty: Because Putin destabilized global oil distribution?
Oil producers decided to make record profits.
No, it's because…
Republicans refuse to stop the price-gouging.
No! It's because Biden turned a dial somewhere!
The same dial that adjusted your brightness?

The progressive editorial cartoon about gas prices.

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