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The progressive editorial cartoon about January 6th, 2020.

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The Fisher Price Prez

Trump knew that certain people would have to die in order for his insurrection to work.

He also knew that many, MANY more people would die in the chaos that followed a successful coup.

He knew this, and the GOP who continue to support him knew this, too. This explains all the pardons.

Never forget this.


The same orange creature who tried to overthrow the government put three compromised judges on the Supreme Court, abided by his political party. We need to remove ALL of them, and it begins by voting Democrat in November.


If Trump thought it was perfectly okay to violate a major law in an attempt to overthrow the government think of all the possible laws he no doubt routinely violated that didn't get the same attention.


I think Pence refused to go along with Trump's coup because he knew Trump would immediately replace him with Ivanka.


Shouldn't Pence be testifying at the J6th hearings? Shouldn't Mitch McConnell? Jim Jordan? Kevin McCarthy? Lauren Boebert?


We don't need more Brown or female people in government.

Or White men, either.

We need more rational people.

Because rational people make rational laws, which means a rational society will follow, one in which it won't matter what form your DNA predisposes you to be.

So enough of all the Boeberts and the Gohmerts and the Cruzes and the Pauls and the Trumps and the Herschel Fucking Walkers. Stop voting for millionaires and lawyers and "businessmen" or [GAG] babes. Vote for the boring, educated, sensible candidate with local and state experience in government, one who perceives a better future for us all and not just a better future only for those who are part of their tribe.


end rant

News & Notes for June 17, 2022

Judge Clarence Thomas called upon to resign.

Known pussy-grabber calls Mike Pence "a pussy".

(Not news) Trump would consider pardons for insurrectionists.

Elon Musk sued for $258 billion in crypto scam.

FDA authorizes covid vaccines for infants.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Januaru 6th, 2020.

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