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So Long, and Thanks, Fish.

fish sticksIn fifth grade I remember seeing educational films showing handsome, lusty seamen hauling away at fishing nets bulging with glittering catch, while the narrator proudly extolled the apparantly bottomless ocean larder with words like "limitless" and "inexhaustible".

Things have certainly changed over the past fifty years. Fleets of trawlers and their massive nets are currently stripping bare the oceans and the sea-beds. The situation is so grim that scientists predict a complete collapse of ocean fish by mid-century.

You might say "So what? We've got sustainable farmed fish."

Funny thing about that. Farmed fish, especially salmon, which are carnivores, need to be fed other fish in order to thrive. And where are those other fish coming from? Oh, yes. The same big trawlers currently wrecking the oceans. So when all the little sardines and mackerals and codlings have been fished out you can say goodbye to your salmon steak.

Yes, we might still have plenty of tilapia, catfish, and other bottomfeeders to go around... but that's no bargain, either.


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More on the problems of overfishing.

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Don't worry. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. Except the parts we've overfished, polluted, or denuded of species due to increased acidification as a result of man-made climate change.
Moral: If you need consolation, get a dog, not a marine biologist.

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