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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican politics.

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Crime For Fun and Profit

All this "Texas seceding" talk is pure, idiotic nonsense from Texas GOP leaders designed to shift focus from the crimes of the Republican Party in its attempt to overthrow the government on January 6th, 2021.


Does the Republican Party get the lion's share of campaign donations from the fossil fuel industry?

If by "lion's share" you mean "just about all of it" then, yes.

Yes, a gazillion times over.


It's easy to understand that if every politician, Red, Blue, Green or Ultraviolet, makes the claim that their elections are fraudulent then our political system would collapse into chaos.

So here's my idea: If a politician makes the claim that their election is rigged, before the votes are even counted, then they should be legally required to stand naked in front of a polling station with a sign around their necks stating "I am a big stupid booger-head."

Just a thought.


I hear that Central American drug-lords raise and keep vicious, dangerous animals in the odd belief that it raises their personal status among their cartel buddies.

This explains Trump's relationship with Giuliani, Stone and Bannon.


You know, if this country had applied relentless attention to preventing climate change, keeping disease in check, and cut back just a peench on consumerism we wouldn't be having to endure the current rate of inflation gripping the planet nor the totalitarians taking advantage of it.

And it'd be a helluva nicer place to live, too.

So, just to be clear, fuck the fossil fuel industry, the single most prosperous entity in the known universe, and their "profits at all costs" attitude. We have a corrupted government and they paid for a lot of it.


I hope everyone had a swell Juneteenth!


end rant

News & Notes for June 20, 2022

Texas seceding from the U.S. would mean war.

Gay Republicans suddenly realize their biggest foe is the Republican Party.

Texas GOP goes full-blown fascist bozo.

Republican Senate candidate Eric Greitens runs ad implying he'd shoot other Republicans with a shotgun.

100 million Americans have health-care debt.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

I found a copy of the Republican handbook!
Oh, really? What's it say?
Page one: "Steal everything that's not nailed down. Have fun."
Page two: "When caught act offended, put words in God's mouth, and fondle an assault rifle."
Wow. What does page three say?
The end. Copyright 2022, the American Petroleum Cabal.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican politics.

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