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The progressive editorial cartoon about the Supreme Court ruling on guns.

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Rule of Flaw

This is a particularly unpleasant day to craft a personal opinion about the out-of-control gun problem in this country as the six Conservative Supreme Court apparatchiks just sentenced untold numbers of American women to painful deaths by taking away their right to privacy and control of their own bodies.

Of course, individual states can still provide legal abortion to those in need by passing abortion-friendly laws so if this heinous, tone-deaf ruling makes you want to hurt someone, take it out on your state legislators by voting every goddamn Republican out of office and replace them with Democrats who will bring sanity and honor back to this country.


A Letter to My Brother;

Dear Sarge;

I know we haven't spoken in some time. Although we were never close, owing to normal sibling rivalry and perhaps a general inability to empathize like normal people do, a severe rift between us opened when George W. Bush, a president chosen unlawfully by the Supreme Court, decided to arbitrarily invade a sovereign nation. I marched against it but you defended it by lauding "all the new roads and schools" our military was building for those poor, backward folk who would be forever grateful to America, perhaps eventually softening their memories of the hundreds of thousands of women and children our military killed in the process.

Our arguments over Iraq were loud and intense. My patriotism (which I always thought meant taking one's leaders to task when they begin to go out of control) was questioned and my continued good health was threatened by you and your adult children when I suggested the invasion was a waste of American money and American blood.

During the eight years of relative peace and quiet of the Obama administration our enmity dulled, mostly because there was little to argue about.

Then came Trump, who you supported. Who you were convinced would "make this country great again" (a phrase that, sadly, can no longer be used without a large measure of cynicism and suspicion). And the flames of disagreement roared again.

So, dear brother, it's now been six years since that odious orange ogre descended that escalator to an adoring, albeit well-compensated crowd, and I wonder if after the first five January 6th hearings you might be wondering if the Republican Party is still worth your allegiance. Are the clear facts that Trump went to every possible length to destroy this fragile Republic, short of nuking the Capitol, beginning to slowly overcome whatever bizarre compulsion you had to support him in the first place?

And now your daughters and granddaughters all carry time bombs in their bellies because they live in Texas. All because of Trump.... and Mitch Fucking McConnell. And their rich pal Putin.

So c'mon. Step into the light. Join the Dems. I'll even introduce you to George Soros. He's everywhere, you know.



end rant

News & Notes for June 24, 2022

Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade.

Supreme Court overturns gun restrictions.

Supreme Court says religious schools should be funded with public monies.

Supreme Court weakens Miranda rights.

Confidence in Supreme Court sinks to historic low.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican politics.

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