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The progressive editorial cartoon about guns and abortion.

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Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich?

I may have mentioned this before but the random assemblage of wire-service stories and thinly-veiled right-wing agitprop, better known as my local newspaper, The Dallas Morning News, seemingly takes the following approach to its choice of editorial cartoons:

Scan the first half-dozen responses from a Google image search for "third-rate editorial comic" and choose the one that offers neither humor, solutions or relatable topics.

Then print that sucker.

It is this approach, this sad waste of newsprint, that encouraged me to show people how it's really done and so, on every Monday for the past three years, I have collected and presented twenty-four of the finest editorial cartoons I can find. An event I call "The Monday Morning Editorial Satire-A-Palooza."

If you're interested in the latest batch, click here. And if you like what you see, please come again. (Sadly, the current batch leans heavily on gun violence, which should come as no surprise.)


Alternate punch line of today's 'toon" "Hush. I'm busy ignoring school shootings."

It's a subtle difference but one I waffled over for much longer than was sensible or necessary.


Totally non-political comment: Episode #9 of the Netflix series "Love, Death & Robots", entitled "Jibaro", should not be missed.

Episodes #1 and #4 are great also. But #9... perfection.


While I'm on the subject of animation I'm glad to see the Southpark lads finally came to their senses and decided Al Gore was right all along about Manbearpig.


end rant

News & Notes for June 6, 2022

500,000 Texans missed in census count.

48 percent of families cannot afford enough food for fthemselves without the child tax credit.

Nearly half of GOP accept mass shootings as "part of a free society".

House Democrat to propose 1000 percent tax on assault style weapons.

President Joe Biden takes bold steps to increase solar energy prodiction in the U.S.

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GOP elephant, playing paddleball: Hush. I'm busy stopping school shootings.

The progressive editorial cartoon about  mental health and gun control.

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