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Cental Weirdness Time

weird central timeEver since Photoshop and crowd-sourced clip-art services became a thing (Don't think I'm not watching you, "type as art"!) the illustration biz declined dramatically from the high-budget, run-and-gun 80s and early 90s. Lately, though, I've had a few assignments that actually taxed my abilities, not to mention my time. But they pay for the cat food so I am certainly not complaining, except for the fact that sleep deprivation makes it hard to be as progressively astute as I'd like.

Anyway, mea culpa, blah-blah-blah, sorry for the delay in getting the cartoon up today. My current deadline for this mythical assignment is Monday so we'll see what the dawn brings. Happy weekend to you all.


I'd like to give a big, wet, friendly "Hello!" to Keystone Progress Daily Funnies for sharing editorial cartoons the progressive way, including <blush> Raging Pencils. Whoo-hoo!


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Woman: I need a job.
I need food stamps.
I need health care.
I need child care.
I'm a veteran.
I'm sick.
I was raped.
I'm pregnant.
GOP: Don't care.
What do you care about?
Your vote.

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