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Red Time & Tide

poisoned waterThe contaminant that is currently coursing through West Virginia's drinking water was discovered by the West Virginia Environmental Protection Agency, after several complaints by the public. Under the circumstances it's kind of nice to have an agency like that around, isn't it?

But let's see if you can recall the presidential campaign of 2012, when almost every one of the major Republican candidates either wanted to shutter or severely restrict the functions of the EPA. Doesn't sound like such a good idea now, does it?

And what happened the very day of the chemical spill? The Republican-led House passed a bill ravaging the toxic waste laws. Yeah, awkward.

This world does not belong to those who would poison the air, land, and water of the country in which our children live just to make a few extra bucks, especially those who would blithely frack away our dwindling water supplies. The world belongs to everyone, and future generations of everyones.  Man and beast.

Pollution is still a relatively new problem for the human race and the options are either to chose altruism over selfishness or learn to enjoy the taste of poisoned water and food.


I'm still embroiled in a big commercial art project so today's cartoon was about all I coulkd manage to squeeze past the guards, though I may spiff it up a bit later when I have some time.


end rant

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