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The progressive editorial cartoon about insulin prices.

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The GOP Cost of Living/Dying

I don't think I'm oversimplifying the obvious when I suggest that if there's something wrong in this country it can ultimately be traced back to Conservative/Republican policies.

I mean, pick one:

Race relations, health care, the environment, wealth inequality, pandemic mitigation, renewable energy, abortion, child care, education, 30,000 guns deaths per year, homelessness, and let's not forget red-meat bonanzas like Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill.

Democrats have answers for such tough issues but as long at the GOP continues to use the filibuster as a cudgel towards anything but the consolidation of power and wealth for their donors the 99% can go straight to Hell as far as they're concerned.


You know when you're at a friend's house and their 4-year-old goes "You wanna see the funny pictures mommy and daddy keep under their bed?"

That's the same feeling I got when I heard Madison Cawthorn describe coke-fired Republican orgies.


One thing the Russian invasion of Ukraine is teaching us is that thanks to Javelin missiles the age of tank warfare is largely over.


A recent topic on John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" program was about concert ticket prices and all the shenanigans which are involved keeping them staggeringly high. One of the problems is that various entities (Please watch the video) conspire to acquire large blocks of tickets, oftentimes before the public has a chance at them, only to resell them at ridiculous markups.

My solution: Put all seats for an event up for individual auction. This way everyone gets a shot at them. Even though fans will eventually end up paying similarly high prices for the best seats the money will go to the artists/venues rather than into the pockets of unscrupulous scalpers.

Ticketmaster itself could handle the auction, and make a few bucks for itself with a small fee, but the price of tickets will be determined by the market, not the scalper.


You know why we needed the James Webb Space Telescope?

Because we needed to look even farther into the universe to find intelligent life, farther than the Hubble is capable, because there isn't much here on Earth (he said while chewing his own foot off in impotent rage.).


I got my second booster shot this weekend and it made me want to nap a lot, which I did.


My inoculation dance card is now officially filled. Since I'm sure Covid isn't going away soon the CDC may want to send the next card with possibly a FEW more slots in it. Just a suggestion.


While waiting in the pharmacist-appointed cubby as my second booster shot was being boiled, toiled and troubled it was hard to miss the end-cap display of products intended for human reproductive mating rituals. That is to say, lubricants and prophylactics aplenty.

Being of a curious sort with, as it happened, lots of time on my hands I proceeded to compare the KY jellies with the Astroglides for ingredients and/or caloric content. That's when my eye fell on a somewhat drably ornamented box which, to my perverse delight, proved to be store-brand KY jelly. Half the price of national brands.

What a bargain!

Maybe it's just me but discount fornication lubricant is an inherently funny idea, instantly conjuring the notion of "budget fucking". (Which also sounds like the name of a low-end brothel. But I digress.)

As any child worth his salt immediately knows the difference between real "Frosted Flakes" and the dollar store brand of "Frozted Flakies" I imagine there might be some resistance from one's inamorata at the critical moment when their eyes land on the bottle's label.

"Seriously? You're gonna bang me using off-brand love-juice? Shit! Why not just dig some of that black gunk from under the fridge and slam it up me? It obviously makes no difference to you, you cheap, horny bastard!"

Still, there are couples who, in these critical times, might need to save a few pennies in order the stretch the budget.

"We're having stew again for dinner tonight, honey. Yes, I know, but this time I was able to afford to add a little meat by buying the cheap dragon lotion. Yes, I love you, too."

The last thing I'd like to share is this: I picked up the box of utility-goo off the shelf to give it a closer inspection and found that the contents had been obviously purloined by some penniless Romeo. To him I say "Enjoy your docking maneuver, Major Tom. You earned it."


end rant

News & Notes for April 4, 2022

President Joe Biden calls Rupert Murdoch "The most dangerous man in the world".

Florida Republicans steal $100 million from affordable housing program.

Republican asshole Matt Gaetz votes against capping insulin prices, says people should just lose weight.

Poorest U.S. counties suffered twice the Covid deaths of the richest counties.

The U.S. House votes to legalize weed. (Your turn, Senate.)

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Republicans selling insulin for $1000.
Yes, we're preventing the Democrats from capping the price at $35 a month… so just think of our preferred cost as a campaign donation to the party that doesn't give a crap whether you live or die.

The progressive editorial cartoon about insulin prices.

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