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The progressive editorial cartoon about ignoring climate change.

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

"Haven't seen a new cartoon from you in some time, me lad. Where've you been?"

"Oh, just a personal existential crisis brought on by a treasonous political party, their pig-ignorant, racist voters and a media that values profit over common decency."

"Ah... well.... carry on, then."


A Twitterer posed the question: "If money was no object where would you live?"

My answer: "On a goldilocks planet populated by all the brightest people I could convince to leap through the worm-hole with me."

Extrapolate the rest for yourself.


If Europe had emerged from the mists of time as a single, unified country that embraced the same language and customs I think the world would be a much more peaceful place.

Instead, through a quirk of geography, it became a laboratory on how to kill each other very efficiently.


When Senator Blackburn asked Judge Jackson her definition of the word "woman" she should have replied:

"Our brains ultimately define who we are, in the same way that many men here believe that having a penis makes them smart."


The question observers of Putin's invasion of Ukraine have been asking themselves is "Why? Why now?"

I think we have the definitive answer.

A poll was released today showing that Trump would beat Biden in a rematch in 2024. This is largely a reflection of Putin's invasion.

By invading Ukraine oil prices went up and gas prices skyrocketed. Add to this a general sense of fear of nuclear attack among voters. Since NATO could not enter the fray without starting a world war, something too many Americans don't understand, Biden could be portrayed as "weak" by right-wing media for not using the full weight of U.S. military might.

Putin doesn't have to conquer Ukraine, but that's not his goal. The goal is the end of NATO. And if Trump wins the election he'll pull America out of the organization.

All Putin will have lost is a few thousand conscripts and some older equipment. What he'll gain is the U.S. government, and thus the world, in his pocket.


In addition, if Biden is out of the picture in 2024 Trump runs against Kamala Harris, and current polls indicate she'll be curb-stomped by a deadly combo of misogyny and racism. (And if someone like Sheldon Whitehouse enters the presidential fray Democrats will lose the Black vote.)

Now consider that we only have Kamala as VP because of BLM, and we had BLM because of George Floyd, and we had George Floyd because Officer Chauvin performed a very peculiar and very obvious and very public execution of a Black man.

And if Trump gets the chance to pardon him, he will, for a job well done.


end rant

News & Notes for March 30, 2022

Treasonous slime-bag Trump asks Putin for another "favor".

Department of Justice plans to hire 131 more lawyers for January 6th prosecutions.

Two-thirds of Americans approve of Ketanji Brown as Supreme Court Judge.

Senator Susan Collins pledges to vote for Ketanji Jackson as Supreme Court Judge.

Trump White House phone logs have a 7-hour gap during the insurrection.

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Two men, red and blue, falling into the ravenous maw of the climate change monster.
Red: CRT! Vote fraud! Ivermectin! Freedom!
Blue: BLM! Insurrection! Science! Democracy!

The progressive editorial cartoon about ignoring climate change.

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