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The progressive editorial cartoon about Russia's ties to Fox News.

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Keepin' It Greasy

If you knew someone intimately who lied to you like Tucker Carlson you'd have noped the fuck out of that relationship a LONNNNNNG time ago.

Unless you're a self-loathing dumb-ass.


Has anyone else noticed that the Russian flag and the Fox News logo have roughly the same color scheme?

White atop blue atop red.

Funny that.


Anyone else get the feeling that the price of a barrel of crude oil could fall to $10 and the petroleum industry would STILL be like "Gimme mah four dollahs, bitch!"


Trump had a great relationship with Putin in the same way that my cocker spaniel has a great relationship with me.


What to make of a clearly racist political party, one which would seemingly ship all Black people back to Africa if given the opportunity, whose symbol is an African elephant.


I'm going to be a baseball heretic and suggest that we henceforth rule home runs to be just another foul ball.

Here's why.

It would encourages players to swing for accuracy, not power, equaling more hits. This would be much more entertaining than watching Joey Gallo-types walk, strike out or hit the (very) occasional homer.

(Yes, I know. People loves them some home runs. But it's the same sports psychology of going to NASCAR races mainly for the accidents, because you're not there to see cars race in circles.)

Also, move the pitcher's mound back about ten feet. Give those hitters something to look at long and hard.

I'm done.


Now that another winter is safely past I'd like to thank the late George Crowley, from the bottom of my frigid little tootsies, for his magnificent invention, the electric blanket.


end rant

News & Notes for March 16, 2022

The RNC is suddenly worried about its emails. Hillary is laughing her ass off.

Film crew was present during January 5th meeting of Oath Keepers and Proud Boys.

Instead of taxing the poor the U.S. needs a minimum income.

CIA points to rising threat from morons who can't get laid.

Red States have a high murder-rate problem.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Russia's curiously close relationship with Fox News.

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