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The progressive editorial cartoon about the GOP whoring itself to the petroleum industry.

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Keepin' It Greasy

I would be remiss if I didn't share the knowledge that a VAST majority of campaign funds from the fossil fuel industry goes to the GOP, not the Democrats.


I'm a very reserved, thoughtful kind of person but I have to share the following:

Dear Texas Republicans;

Regarding your recent abortion restriction laws...


Regarding your recent stand on transgender kids...


I look forward to all the vote suppression you can throw at me this Fall and will do my part to send you all home crying like the vile, ill-tempered little children you are.
Oh, and one more thing...


And while I'm at it....

Vladimir Putin, what the fucking fuck? What is the goddamn point, you tiny sadistic shit-weasel?



And yes, Putin poses an existential threat to our Democracy but so are Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

The difference is Putin's doing it for his self-perceived eternal glory. Manchin and Sinema are doing it for a fast buck.

So which one's actually worse?


Republicans are appalled by the notion of transgender kids but happily embrace a transpecies (part man, part rabid shit-weasel) tyrant like Putin.


Americans have been Pavlov-tized by gas prices. We've been brainwashed into overvaluing the price of gas and will famously go out of our way to save a nickel, or less, per gallon.

Gas prices are rising fast but you, yes, you can bring them back down. Gas prices aren't rising because of scarcity. It's due to speculation. The moment Americans start using less gas there will be an oversupply and prices will drop, just like during the pandemic.

So carpool, combine all your shopping, don't make wasted trips, walk or bike if possible and drive in moderation. If Americans reduce consumption by just ten per cent, which is not difficult, it will have a noticeable effect.


One last thing....

As of today there are now two Republican politicians who have stated publicly "if you're going to be raped just lie back and enjoy it".

Clayton Williams, Texas, and now Robert Regan, Michigan.

Number of Democrats on record for saying it: 0.


Addendum: I entitled this page "Sucking Koch" for a reason. A report came out today saying that, among all other companies pulling out of Russia, Koch Industries remains. Why?

They're in the petrochemical business and blood is thinner than crude.

Fuch Koch.


end rant

News & Notes for March 14, 2022

Tulsi Gabbard: Russian asset.

Tucker Carlson: Russian asset.

Ginni Thomas: Russian asset.

Marco Rubio and Tim Scott: Russian assets.

Madison Cawthorn: Russian asset.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the GOP whoring itself for the petroleum industry.

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