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The progressive editorial cartoon about Russian and Republican attacks on freedom.

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Frog Borscht

Dear Pencil-Neckers;

I haven't posted a new comic in over two weeks and the reason is because they would have simply stated and restated the obvious:

Putin is a monstrous, murdering shit-weasel, the Conservative factions of this country are his obedient lackeys, and Ukraine is being destroyed because Putin wants all glory for his fast-withering carcass.

This means there is no air left in the room for the environment, gun control, race relations, wealth equality, health care, fair housing or any of the many things that would honestly improve the lives of all Americans, and which need to be at the front of any discussion. But we can't have that now because Putin has nukes. And apparently too much coffee.

I tend to create cartoons that stump for a better world, though gun-lovers and Jesus-lovers and meat-eaters would disagree, but it's hard to continue to be optimistic when a murderous madman (and why aren't there any peace-loving madmen?) could end all life on this planet as we know it because his contract with Satan is reaching the terminal phase.

(I need to quickly add, though, that where actual nuclear war is concerned I take hope in Frank Zappa's unique assessment, which is that "There will never be a nuclear war; there's too much real estate involved.")

Still, for the perceivable future, every waking thought for sensible Americans, myself included, is "What will Putin do next?". Which is maddening considering we just exited four anxious years of the exact same fucking thing regarding that orange treasonous pustule that wormed his way into the White House on the back of racism and misogyny.

I'll never be the kind of cartoonist who dons his blinkers, puts his head down and cranks out banal whimsies involving familial disputes or bizarrely adorable cat behavior, though the temptation is certainly there. But for the benfit of my sanity I'll continue to soldier on for the benefit of those who need to know they're not crazy, that maybe the emperor truly IS naked. Because in most cases, he is.

I wish every possible favorable outcome for the Ukranian people in this, their time of trial, but I fear that can only happen if something very unpleasant befalls Putin, whether organically or politically. And soon.

There's always hope.

Thanks for being here and thanks for keeping the conversation going.


It's a measure of the patriotism of American oil companies that they began heavily price-gouging at the first opportunity.

Bluntly put, by raising prices so quickly they're stoking anger at our government, which consequently benefits Putin and Russia.


Trump has notably remarked lately that had he still been in the White House Russia would have never invaded Ukraine. To that I respond:

If Trump had been President from 2017-2021 thousands of children wouldn't have been cruelly separated from their families at the border.

Oh.... wait.

If Trump had been President from 2017-2021 the fires of intolerance in America wouldn't have been inflamed by white nationalism for political purposes.

Oh.... wait.

If Trump had been President from 2017-2021 over a million Americans wouldn't have died because his administration chose to ignore vaccine science for political reasons.

Oh.... wait.

If Trump had been President from 2017-2021 NATO wouldn't have been systematically undermined in a manner that would have encouraged Russia to invade a sovereign nation.

Oh.... wait.

If Trump had been President from 2017-2021 this country would have never suffered an existential Constitutional crisis as a result of a political candidate engaging in extortion and violence to win the presidency, ending in two separate impeachment trials.

Oh.... wait.


Technical Note: I made a small running change on the cartoon since it was first posted, adding the "Today's Lesson" part. I've done this sort of thing before and I'll do it again and no one can stop me!



end rant

News & Notes for March 7, 2022

Republicans threaten to burn this country to the ground if Trump is brought to justice.

Bill Barr continues to be a comic-book villain and would burn this country to the ground.

The GOP plans to tax the dirt-poor and further burn this country to the ground.

Marco Rubio would burn Zelenskeyy to the ground.

Kyrsten Sinema opposes Biden's plan to save this country from burning to the ground.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Russian and Republican attack on freedom.

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