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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican abortion laws.

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Bullet Point

Ahhh, Texas.

When legal abortion is gone and immigrants are all being bused North and all those icky trans people are securely closeted away who is the GOP going to scapegoat next?

(The word you're thinking of is "cannibalism".)


In WWII Americans went without gas, without tires, without CARS because the war HAD to be won by the allies.

So, my American friends, PLEASE shut the fuck up about gas prices and this transitory inflation. Russia has to go down and the sooner the better.

(Note: Screw the oil companies if price gouging.)


Marjorie Taylor Greene's wedding vows: "In richer, in poorer, in sickness and in health, to be my husband's property while also banging the local tantric sex guru plus that guy who runs the local gym, 'til death do us part though I reserve the right to sue for divorce to keep his little bitch-ass in line."


Texas Senator Cornyn: "Pot is harmful and shouldn't be legalized."

But alcohol?

Yeah, ain't no harm ever come from a little drinkie-poo.



Conservatives have often said "If you've done nothing wrong then why worry when the government comes snooping?"



Don Jr. texted that Trump "controls all the GOP".

It's not surprising that no reporter has asked a Republican Congressman if Trump controls them because it would be like asking if grass is green or if Don Jr. is snorting Dran-o.


Behind that grating, obnoxious persona was one hell of a funny and caring human being. Thanks for all the laughs, Mr. Aristocrat.

RIP Gilbert Gottfried



I drew a cartoon.

Surprised the Hell outta me, too.


end rant

News & Notes for April 12, 2022

US approval by NATO countries rises by double-digits under President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden accuses Putin of genocide.

51% of Alaska voters have unfavorable opinion of Sarh Palin.

Jared Kushner gets a $2 billion dollar bribe from Saudi Arabia.

Texas woman charged with murder, requiring $500k bail, for perfectly legal, self-induced abortion. (Later freed.)

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