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The progressive editorial cartoon about organized crime.

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Lee! Rico! Youngblood! 'Cuff 'em!

The noose that Trump's insurrectionist minions brought to the Capitol a year ago seems to have been repurposed by the Select Committee. Every day it seems that very same noose, or one like it, draws a little bit tighter around the necks of those who thought the overthrow of a legitimate government was a spiffy idea.

In less-enlightened times, when criminals were hung in the town square, the condemned would often pay urchins a coin or two to jump up and cling to their legs after the drop in order to ensure a swift and somewhat less-painless demise.

If it were Trump's head in that noose I would outbid the louse, offering the kiddies extra to hold him up as long as their little arms could manage. I know this sentiment sounds brutal coming from a soft-hearted Liberal opposed to capital punishment but the Earth needs to be salted in the wake of such sociopaths.


Texas Governor Abbot's Twitter account , December 31st, 2021:

12:15 PM - "The State of Texas has submitted requests for federally-supported COVID-19 testing sites, medical personnel, and increased monoclonal antibody allocations."

7:27 PM: "BREAKING: Texas just beat Biden again. Another of Biden’s vaccine & mask mandates was just halted by a federal judge in Texas."

Sounds like Abbot's trying to regain his Guinness Book of World Records for breathtaking hypocrisy from Joe Manchin.

Abbot's position is "Texas will do everything in its sovereign power to allow you to catch Covid-19 and then ask Uncle Sam for money to keep you alive."


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News & Notes for January 3rd, 2022

Twitter permanently suspend Marjorie Taylor Greene's personal account. BWAHH-hahahahahahaha!

Michael Cohen sues Bill Barr. BWAHH-hahahahaha!

Professor warns of Democratic collapse in U.S.

New York AG subpoenas Trump's children. BWAHHH-hahahahah!

Liz Cheney calls Trump "Unfit for office".

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What is organized crime?
Corruption of public officials.
intimidation. Trump: Find me 11,780 votes!
threats. Old woman on phone: you poll workers better obey Trump or we'll tear your fucking lungs out!
Use of force. Attack on Capitol.

The progressive editorial cartoon about organized crime.

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