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The progressive editorial cartoon about 2022 resolutions.

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What? 2022 Already?

To all you regular Pencil-Necks out there, Big Liberal Art Monkey has been remiss in providing his usual brand of scrawls the past week as he's beset by illness. I don't know what the hell I got but there's every possibility it's the Big O. (And good luck finding a test.) Considering I've been triple vaxxed this has come as quite a shock and a disappointment.

But worry not as the only symptom thus far has been a gruesome sore throat and even that is ameliorating every day. I will survive.


Today marks the 17th year of the old Raging Pencil's existence so, with the above in mind, I thought I'd dredge the archives for a New Year's themed 'toon to use as a place-holder but, nope, it apparently has not been my habit to remark the temporal occasion. The 'toon you see above is from 2014 and it's about as close as I ever got, though you might check the Classic Cartoon link below for a prediction of things that came to pass.



Now that's it's 2022 it's time to begin saving Democracy, only we'll ave to do it without Betty White.


Let me preface the following by stating the obvious, which is that the news media prefers to paint a dour economic picture in the U.S. Lately they've focused on inflation and American really people worry about their beer money.

But is the U.S. really in such bad economic shape? Let's run the numbers.

To begin with, Gross Domestic Product in Biden's first year is at 5.5%. That's almost double the GDP of first year results of Presidents over the last 40 years. (This is, of course, a partial indication of what a crappy job Trump did as "leader", though Mr. Obama didn't fare nearly as well in his first year thanks to Dubya's world-wide recession which left little to work with.)

In addition, if you compare the first year performance of every President in the past 40 years the Biden administration bests them all in the following categories, save one:

Gross Domestic Product
Profit Growth
S&P 500 Performance
Consumer Credit
Non-Farm Payrolls
Manufacturing Jobs
Business Productivity
Dollar Appreciation
S&P 500 Relative Performance
Per capita disposable income (#2)

What this adds up to is that U.S. financial markets are out-pacing world markets by the biggest margin since 2000. We are the envy of the industrialized world.

If Build Back Better is miraculously passed we can expect similar results in Year Two. If not, it's not Biden's fault. It's Manchin and Sinema's. Full-stop.


See you Monday!


end rant

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The progressive editorial cartoon about New Year's resolutions.

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