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The progressive editorial cartoon about asking Santa for miracles.

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Have A Cool Yule, Ya'll!

If I have any sanity left at this point this should be the last 'toon until Monday. But ya never know. Either way, I hope each and every one of you wunnerful peoples have the happiest of holidays.


As much as I love the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" it would have been MUCH shorter, and more logical, had it begun with the angels, or whatever they are, contemplating George Bailey's life and concluding the answer to his adult problems was to immediately give Old Man Potter a massive coronary. The End.

To be honest, I shouldn't enjoy this movie as its plot relies entirely on the existence of magic, which means anything is possible, which equates to lazy screen writing. I'm equally critical of movies involving time travel (except for Primer) for the same reason. I'm a hard audience, but I'm a sucker for Frank Capra.


While I'm being a buzz-killing little snot:

In Clement Moore's famous poem, "A Visit From St. Nicholas", Santa is described as an elf driving a miniature sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer.

Santa and his herd of critters, at least by Moore's account, should probably be closer to the size of a bread box than a fully loaded Peterbuilt.

The only reason popular media depicts, and continues to depict, a full-size Santa/sleigh/reindeer is we didn't have CGI back in the day to shrink them down believably and now we're stuck.

Moore's original poem is not unlike the Bible in that people take the parts of it they like and ignore the inconvenient ones.

Enjoy your shrimp, evangelicals.


Allow me to recommend my very favorite rendition of Winter Wonderland, sung by Shirley Horn.


end rant

News & Notes for December 23th, 2021

Fauci calls for the firing of Fox News' Jesse Watters over his 'kill shot; comment.

President Joe Biden authorizes Capitol Police to call on National Guard in an emergency.

Senator Elizabeth Warren slams grocers for price-gouging.

Stanford professor: "America can produce 100% of its energy from wind, solar and water."

President Joe Biden extends pause on student loans repayments through May 1st.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about asking Santa for miracles.

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