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The progressive editorial cartoon about Joe Manchin's back-stabbing.

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Shitty Politics

They say if you can't find something nice to say about someone.... wait long enough and a Conservative will do something to deserve it.

So eat a big dick and expire in great agony, Mr. Manchin.


Jon Manchin privately opining that poor people can't be trusted with money is just more of the "keeping the nggers down" mentality prevalent among his white, pasty peers.


You know that thing about people, men mostly, who pick their sports team when they're 12 and refuse to ever change? You know, forever-ever?

That's the same mentality at work with anti-vaxxers and Trumpers.

Yeah, humans be fucked up.


In the Spanish regions of Catalonia a popular Christmas tradition is for families to find a smiling log in the forest, named Tio, which they take home where he is to be fed. Later, the children of the house sing merrily as they cover Tio with a blanket and beat him with sticks in order to make him poop candy and small toys.

It sounds silly, especially compared with our perfectly normal tradition of a fat elf, who lives at the North Pole and flies at the speed of light in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, one of whom's nose is powerfully bioluminescent, enters houses by coming down the chimney, even if there is no chimney, and leaving gifts in children's stockings hung by the chimney, uh, I mean on the tree, uhh, I mean under the tree.


Allow me to recommend Brave Combo's delicious rendition of Feliz Navidad. (From their "It's Christmas, Man!" album.)


end rant

News & Notes for December 20th, 2021

That asshole Joe Manchin quietly told colleagues that parents use their child tax money on drugs.

Goldman Sachs says that asshole Joe Manchin's opposition to the Build Back Better bill with substantially hurt GDP.

Coal miners tell that asshole Manchin to reconsider opposition to the Biden plan.

That asshole Joe Manchin suggests the Democrats rewrite the Build Back Better bill.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal gives that asshole Joe Manchin some well-deserved backtalk.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Why does Senator Joe Manchin oppose the Build Back Better Bill?
Because it supports renewable energy and I'd lose all my fossil fuel compaign donations.
Because it'd lower the price of insulin from $1000 to $35 and I'd lose all my Big Pharma compaign donations.
Because it'd be completely paid for by taxing the very rich and my wealthy donors would be mad.
And because I think the poors would spend all their child tax-credit money on drugs, so fuck them.
(But mostly so it'll damage the economy and make Biden look bad.)

The progressive editorial cartoon about Joe Manchin's back-stabbing.

sad santa theory comic critical race theory comic