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The progressive editorial cartoon about critical race theory.

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Super-Duper-Critical Race Theory

Why has it taken almost a year, since January 6th, for officials to discover what was abundantly clear to almost anyone with a pulse?

That Trump planned and orchestrated an attack on the U.S. Capitol in order to subvert the Constitution and make himself dictator.


What we're learning is that Fox broadcasters had Trump's cell phone number but Don Jr. didn't.

Well, okay then.


Meadows: "I'm happy to cooperate with the January 6th Committee. Here are all my emails."

J6th: "We also want your phone metadata."

Meadows: "........... I'm taking the Fifth!"

J6th: "Get back here you!"


Why do banks treat student loans like they're an absurd risk? It would benefit everyone in this country, except the bank owner's yacht collection, if interest rates for student loans were kept at a level that covered administrative costs alone.


How about a Ren & Stimpy Xmas song? (From their "Crock O' Christmas" album.)


Lefty's All-Inclusive Twelve Days of Seasonal Celebration

On the first day of Solstice my true love gave to me, a Democrat in the White House.

On the second day of Rohatsu my true love gave to me, two trillion dollars in infrastructure investments.

On the third day of Aarathosht Diso my true love gave to me, 300 more gigawatts of renewable energy worldwide in 2021.

On the fourth day of Boxing Day my true love gave to me, four different Covid-19 vaccines.

On the fifth day of Omisoka my true love gave to me, five hundred million doses of vaccine in the arms of Americans.

On the sixth day of Santa Lucia my true love gave to me, six new Trump staff subpoenas.

On the seventh day of Yule my true love gave to me, seventy-seven countries banning plastic bags.

On the eighth day of Festivus my true love gave to me, eight hours of highway driving in a Tesla.

On the ninth day of Unduvap Full Moon Poya my true love gave to me, nine Congressmen investigating the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.

On the tenth day of Hanukkah my true love gave to me, ten new episodes of Rick and Morty (Don't judge).

On the eleventh day of Mawlid el-Nabi my true love gave to me, eleven priests arrested for child sexual assault.

On the twelfth day Kwanzaa my true love gave to me, twelve more insurrectionists incarcerated.

Oops. I forget Xmas. Darn.


end rant

News & Notes for December 16th, 2021

Elizabeth Warren publicly supports expanding the Supreme Court.

Federal Archives release 1500 new documents on JFK's assassination.

Joe Manchin continues to carry dirty water for the GOP.

U.S. government deficit down 17 per cent from a year ago.

Nancy Pelosi rejects stock-trading ban for Congressmen. (Godammit, Nancy!)

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Mother: I'm scared! I'm having nightmares! Critical race theory is coming to get me!
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The progressive editorial cartoon about critical race theory.

joe manchin comic trump's lies comic