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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's lies.

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Lies and Damn Lies

If Trump had spent a hundredth of the time working on fighting Covid as he did planning the overthrow of the government he'd still deserve to be jailed forever for being a treasonous wad of orange pus.


A school in Texas just gave the rest of the country a list of 414 books Conservatives fear, and they're all available at your local library or at your bookstore of choice.

Just sayin'.


Rand Paul will vote against sending federal monies to aid another state's natural disaster in the future. You can bank on it.


How about a Monkees Xmas song? (This is one of my favorite seasonal things.)


You know those COVID testing kits that CVS charges $25 for a pair? The UK health service gives them away for free, 14 at a time. Fuck you, Big Phrama.


In a moment of holiday desperation I watched the "Trolls Holiday" special last night and.... I liked it. The story is pure treacle but the animation and vocal performances were stellar. That's the stuff I look for.

But what kept rumbling through my mind as I watched what's been described metaphorically by critics as "sticking your head in a bucket of Skittles" was....

Xmas animated entertainment has come a LONNNNG way since Charlie Brown.


end rant

News & Notes for December 13th, 2021

Mark Meadows is in some deep conspiratorial shit.

Trump's administration violated federal laws during the Covid-19 outbreak.

56 top economists says Build Back Better will work to alleviate inflation.

January 6th Committee votes to hold Mark Meadows in contempt.

The Right is weaponizing recall elections at every level of government.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's lies.

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