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Oaf of Office

You probably haven't noticed but Der TwittlerFuehrer dominates the political news cycle these days.

No, it's true! I swear!

Almost every day he pukes up some twisted gibbet of illogic in an attempt to support his weak grasp on reality. But you know what I think whenever I hear him speak?

He sounds retarded.

And I mean that in the purest clinical sense. It's like his brain is missing a vital lobe or two... or 37. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if someday, after he's choked to death on a particularly chewy puppy's heart, researchers crack open his skull and discover an organ as smooth as a cue ball rather than one deeply creviced and channeled like a normal human brain.

Hell. It might even BE a cue ball.

(Trump today tweeted a New Year's Eve message that called anyone who voted against him "an enemy". Yes, the new presidential limo is a very short bus.)

The easy and obvious route for any political-ish cartoonist under these circumstances would be to take such proffered manna and lampoon his insipid bleats but, like I said, it would be like ridiculing someone born mentally handicapped.

More importantly, I don't WANT my cartoon to be the Daily Trump Toon so I think I'll leave that to the editorial artists who get paid for such work and get back to needling people about solar energy or climate change.

In the meantime I'll just hope for a military coup before the Thousand Year Wretch takes the oath of office. It could happen.

Onward to 2017!


end rant

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