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Everybody's Backyard

MEAT!For the record, we know very well how hydraulic fracking works. Instead of just drilling a hole in the ground and hoping oil comes spurting out the oil companies are drilling holes and forcing millions of gallons of water down the pipes, water laced with a toxic brew of questionable chemicals, in order to fracture the rocks and release as much of the trapped oil and gas as possible. If you're having trouble envisioning my simplified description National Geographic has prepared a short and snappy summary.

It's great that the oil companies have developed this amazing technology to squeeze every every last possible drop of oil out of the ground but they're taking a very reckless "at-any-cost" approach. As a rational person I think any enterprise that begins with the words "Drill a hole and pour millions of gallons of poisonous and cancer-causing chemicals into it" should be considered very, very carefully.

According to a report at least 29 known carcinogens are used as part of the fracking process, like benzene and toluene. Plus the process itself releases additional harmful chemicals, like methane, into the drinking water. There's a law that should prevent the oil companies from poisoning the land that belongs to all of us but the 2005 Congress, all those darned liberals he says with tongue planted firmly in cheek, exempted hydraulic fracking from the Safe Drinking Water Act. Thanks again, George Fucking Bush.

Vermont has already banned fracking and several states, like Montana and New Jersey are thinking about doing the same but North Dakota is a lost cause as it currently has 8000 frackin' wells and is on schedule to drill 50,000.

All this oil would seem like good news for a carbon -addicted America but a lot of this oil is destined for foreign soil. We're exporting more oil than ever and yet prices are touching $4 a gallon for the consumer. How about instead we take back the tax subsidies the oil companies receive and plow that money into renewable energy and a more robust electric grid?

Just sayin'.


end rant

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Today's Google Chow.

Oil shill: First we drill a really deep well and then fill it with the finest cream. Then we send kittens down the hole to eat the cream. Once all the kittens are underground their purring tickles the earth and it giggles so hard it squirts up all its oil.
Senator: And that's how fracking works?
Shill: Yes.
Senator: You're certain of that?
Hack: As certain as the oil company campaign contributions you'll lose the moment you make a big stink about the poisons and carcinogens we're pumping into the groundwater.
Senator: Kittens it is, then.
Flack: Who could use a new catnip mouse subsidy.

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