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Round and Round We Go

MEAT!It would be refreshing to hear a news anchor say "Monsanto reports that it has the problem of unwanted corn pest mutations associated with its Round-up product firmly under control... Pfffft! Yeah! Right!" but it doesn't happen because broadcast news doesn't tell the truth. It only parrots the given information, pretending that the vast majority of the public has the memory and curiosity of goldfish and slyly winking at the rest who actually pay attention. And if the parroted information is misleading because Monsanto has part interest in the media outlet then that's the goldfish's public's problem.

I mean, imagine if our national anchormen were more than just pretty boys grabbing their ankles for oligarchs, willing to sell out the country for a fat paycheck. Since newsmen with a fervor for truth aren't allowed on national media we'll never hear one respond to a story about the possibility of invading Iran with a snappy "Yeah, that worked out so well in Iraq!" and then throwing it to Bill for the latest report on super-hurricane Debbie.

Even listening to NPR I was galled during the run-up to the 2012 elections at the number of times the interviewers allowed sitting Republican congressmen to pitch their latest talking-point/swill about what an evil, scheming, socialist quisling this president is without even once responding with a very reasonable "What the hell is WRONG with you?"


The above critique, of course, excludes Fox News which doesn't even try to hide the fact that they think their viewers are all blithering idiots. They are, after all, the ones who actually tried to sell the idea that Germany generates record amounts of solar energy because it's so much sunnier there. Better, ya know, that America sticks to good old non-climate-destroying oil and gas. (See video below.)

(Incidentally, Germans using solar energy is a commendable thing. Solar technology would have gone a long way towards keeping Hitler's little mustache out of the Ploesti oil fields.)

What this all boils down to is the reason why I never throw things at the TV when Rachel Maddow is on. She goes "Pfffft!" ALL the time, and I love her for it.


end rant

Today Video: Fox News Are Total Dicks About Solar Energy

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Complete and Utter Bullshit News

Rapid hikes in gas prices due to soaring crude oil costs.
Fashion model girlfriend mistaken for burglar.
G.O.P. Senator steps down to spend more time with family.
North Korea considered nuclear threat to U.S.
Germany's lead in solar energy generation attributed to sunny climate.
Impending U.S. Postal Service collapse purely fault of own incompetence.
Iran considered nuclear threat to U.S.
Obama’s sequester designed to stunt economic growth.
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