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The progressive editorial cartoon about authoritarians.

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Happy Continuation of Democracy Day!

Let's celebrate this anniversary every day so we never forget.


You know that massive traffic jam in Virginia where people were trapped in their cars on the highway for 24 hours or more in the middle of a raging snowstorm? I've read more than one comment that went along the lines of "Too bad for anyone that was in an electric vehicle."

Responses from EV fans have been along the lines of "My EV kept me warm and I still had 70% of power left to drive home."

My response to the fossil-fuelies was "Yes, batteries may run down eventually but the carbon monoxide from your cars engine will help you sleep better."


While I'm on the subject of electric heat...

Did you know that no UL approved space heater in the U.S. can draw more than 1500 watts? No matter how big or how small it is. This is a limitation of the way the typical U.S. homes is wired for electricity. So if one space heater at the Big Box is bigger than the other, it's for marketing purposes.


1/6 Committee: "Hey, Hannity. We have this text we want to talk to you about."

Hannity: "Nuts ta yer text!"

1/6: "Two words... Chris Cuomo."

Hannity: "I'll be right there."


Why is Melania selling her hat for a quarter mill when Trump's treacherous, ultra-wealthy base would gladly hock themselves into oblivion for a chance to buy her underpants, especially if they're still wet, gooey or betray an obvious skid mark or two.


NFL: "Well, crap! California's overwhelmed with Covid and they might just have to cancel the Super Bowl over public health concerns. We need to find a state and stadium pronto that doesn't give a shit about the virus or how many people die."

ATT Stadium, Dallas: "Hold my beer."


Hey, here's a bit of an embarrassing twist...

I may not have had omicron after all. My friends from the Xmas party, whom we suspected had contracted the virus, were able to get a test from their doctor and they came up negative. I'm currently trying to track down an antigen test but so far without luck (It's Texas, okay.). Be that as it may, all symptoms have passed of what I now suspect to have been a case of allergic rhinitis.

So wash your hands , wear your masks, and lock yourself in a bank vault for the next two years.


end rant

News & Notes for January 6th, 2022

It appears Ron DeSantis has a bad case of Covid-19!

During the attack on the Capitol Trump was gleefully watching it on TV.

President Joe Biden urges Americans to reject the Former Occupant's election lies.

"The next coup has already begun."

AG Merrick Garland promises "prosecutions at any level" over January 6th attack.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about authoritarians.

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