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The progressive editorial cartoon about the Big Lie.

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Lucky Us

In a weird way we owe the insurrectionists, and Mike Pence, a big "Thank you!"

You see, if Pence had done as he was asked by Trump and thrown the election results to the States there would have been no attack on the Capitol. The self-coup would have quietly gone into effect and Republican-led state legislatures could have conceivably awarded the election to Trump. Even if that hadn't immediately happened the federal government, in the interim, would have suffered a state of gridlock never seen before. As the inevitable court proceedings dragged on Trump would use the debt-ceiling to hold the Congress hostage, refusing to sign anything that kept the government gears turning. The resultant effects to the economy would have been devastating.

Inevitably the election results would reach the Supreme Court. Thus, game over for Democracy.

Here's the thing that confuses me. Pence would have suffered little had he'd gone along with the scheme. Trump would have retained power and the Republican Party would make sure that he was installed in the White house until the day he died, or got bored and let Ivanka take over. Pence would be replaced by one of Trump's kids, no doubt, but at least he wouldn't have to worry about the Sedition Act… unless Trump had a bad hair day.

Fortunately Pence suffered some sort of bizarre, for him, attack of conscience and chose to defend the Republic that day. I'll never understand why unless he's as much of a gutless turd as he appears.

Or maybe he was always aware of the long game the GOP is currently playing which involves using the insurrection as cover in rigging future elections at the state level, ostensibly to ward off any future "vote fraud". So Mikey chose to play it safe, Trump threw his treasonous Hail Mary on the 6th, and the DOJ is now busy with little fish while the big fish continue playing the system all the way to 2024.

So, before, instead of never seeing authoritarianism coming at us we're now looking straight down the gun barrel at it. Can we convince Manchin and Sinema to help us dodge the fatal blow in time?


Fox News is actual news the same way that homeopathy is actual medicine.


Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are not defenders of freedom. They're typical Republican opportunists looking at the Trumpist's running amuck and angling to get at the Federal trough again.


Okay, God, we gave you Betty and Sydney. Now tell Satan it's time to take Rupert. Unless even Hell won't have him. Then I understand.


end rant

News & Notes for January 7th, 2022

The three animals convicted of murdering Ahmaud Aubrey sentenced to life in prison.

Ted Cruz shows his belly and wets himself for the delight of Tucker Carlson.

Cyber Ninjas bankrupts itself, fires employees, and shuts down.

Ron DeSantis hid one million Covid tests from Floridians.

White House finalizing deal with USPS to deliver 500 million Covid tests.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the Big Lie.

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