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The progressive editorial cartoon about drinking urine.

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Golden Showers or Taking the Waters

If someone isn't planning to market "Dr. Trump's 100% All-Natural Hooker Pee" they're missing out on a liquid gold mine


Congressman Madison Cawthorn says he wants to debate Rachel Maddow.


Yes. Rhodes Scholar, Rachel Maddow. THAT Rachel Maddow.

On what subject would Cawthorn consider himself sufficiently qualified to debate its merits with Rachel Maddow?

His favorite cereal? The size and malleability of his turds? How good your head feels when you stop slamming it against a brick wall?


Trump dialing-in Hannity to White House meetings is like a meth addict asking his dealer for financial advice.


I realize people are getting antsy about Merrick Garland's slow investigative pace with the January 6th self-coup by Donald Trump but Garland is NOT going to leak any part of his investigation to the press. He'll quietly gather the evidence and then start the trials, just the way he's always done. With great success.

So chill. It's going to be glorious.


The Democrats might just as well kill the filibuster while it does them any good because the next time the GOP wins the House, Senate and Presidency they'll kill the filibuster while the last words of the opening prayer are still echoing about the chambers of Congress.


Here's something odd I noticed today...

In 2013 the GOP wanted to pass a budget that would freeze discretionary spending at 2008 levels and keep them there until "the budget balances itself" in 2017.

2017. Why 2017?

That would be, presumably, when they felt a Republican would be elected President. Right?(Tough it could be such legislation is restricted to a four year time limit.)

Which makes the Republican-led Senate's refusal in 2016 to seat Obama's choice of a new Justice to replace Antonin Scalia until "there's a Republican in the White House" all the more, shall we say, "wildly prescient".

Especially since that "President" was a reality-TV con man.

Yes, the 2016 election was rigged. Just as Trump said it was.

One more thing... the budget bill in question? It was written by the GOP and it was filibustered into submission by Mitch McConnell once he realized that passing the bill would have gotten him lynched by senior citizens.


Tucker Carlson recently opined that Nancy Pelosi looks like Michael Jackson. But Michael Jackson wanted to look like Diana Ross. So Tucker is really saying that Nancy looks like Diana.


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News & Notes for January 12th, 2022

Biden calls Trump's attempted coup "an attempted coup".

Anti-vaxxers tout new Covid cure: drinking urine.

Trump backers forged election documents in three states.... that we know of.

Justice Department developing domestic terror department.

Joe Manchin knows jack-shit about the history of the filibuster.

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High on Trump.


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

1920: When I was a lad our town got its first library and we began reading about amazing things.
1980: When I was your age our town got its first radio station and we began listening to amazing things.
2010: When I was a boy our town got its first tv station and we began watching amazing things.
2060: When I was a kid our internet got social media and we began drinking our own urine.

The progressive editorial cartoon about drinking urine.
"proyti soylent zelenyy" = "pass the soylent green"

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