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The progressive editorial cartoon about MAGA Heaven.

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The Dark Matters

One of the most absurd aspects of the pandemic are the many pious types who have stood before the cameras and stated out loud, where everyone can hear them, that Jesus will save them from Covid.

To which I always respond, accompanied by throwing something at the TV (or monitor, as the case may be) "Who do you think MADE the virus, ya dang fool? Yeah, Jesus's dad. So take it up with him, not Mr. Fauci!" (See classic cartoon below.)


The gist of this cartoon isn't strictly aimed directly at the Trump-voter crowd. It applies to anyone who deludes themselves with the notion that this corporeal existence we all share on Earth is transitory, that our ultimate reward lies up there in the clouds, that any atrocity they might commit is acceptable because God smiles upon them. Therefore they sing their hateful little songs, dance their hateful little dances, and wax merry as they pollute and arm themselves to the teeth, reaping vengeance on their differently-skinned neighbor because, rest assured, they picked the right all-powerful horse in the religion sweepstakes and all them other sinners can just suck it.


In the beginning of the pandemic there were those in Right-wing media who insisted that a 1% death from COVID-19 was acceptable, which only proves how lousy they are at math. "So what if a few hundred thousand Americans die", they opined.

Uh, try three and a half million, me buck-os.

What if the original calculation of fatality was 5% of the population, or 10%? Considering how many Republicans have already died as a result of resisting vaccination for political reasons I think it would have been worth it for this country if Trump voters had stood their ground until a full 10% were piled up in mass graves. Just saying.


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News & Notes for January 15th, 2022

CNN unearths audio of Kevin McCarthy saying Trump admitted responsibility for Capital riot.

Trump officials interfered with the 2020 census.

Rand Paul tells students that misinformation is a great political tactic.

Conservative Supreme Court Justices uphold the Covid pandemic.

Michigan Attorney General asks Feds to investigate fake GOP electors.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about MAGA Heaven.

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