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The progressive editorial cartoon about voter suppression.

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Orange Clockwork

If either Manchin or Sinema would accept their party's line on keeping elections free and safe I believe the other would cave from having the pressure of going it alone. That there's two of them engaged in this charade is not concern for the filibuster. It's strategic cover.


Grocery store owner: "I'm sorry, sir, but I can't let you shop here. A group of billionaires disagree with your diet so they paid me a lot of money to let you starve."

Doctor: "I'm sorry, sir, but I can't tend to your illnesses. A group of billionaires think you're faking it so they paid me a lot of money to let you die."

Manchin and Sinema: "Sorry, sir, but we can't legislate on your behalf. A group of billionaires don't like your politics so they paid us a lot of money to ensure the end of representative Democracy."


Why are Manchin and Sinema being described by the media as "centrist Democrats"?

They're clearly conservative Democrats but, more accurately, they're money-grubbing, power-hungry, opportunistic weasels with a side order of racism.


Four things about the 6-hour Eric Trump deposition:

1. Eric plead the 5th every 45 seconds.
2. The lawyers only asked questions to which they already had the answers.
3. The Former Occupant once said "The Mob takes the 5th."
4. Email Lady never plead the 5th.


Why didn't Putin invade Ukraine when Trump was in office? When Trump would have looked the other way or even publicly stumped for Putin.

There are more levels to this situation than just Democracy vs. Authoritarianism.


Americans seem puzzled by the sudden rise in inflation. It's almost as if something momentous happened in recent history that caused a massive and deleterious ripple effect within the economic system.

(Yes, I'm referring to the world-wide pandemic.)


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News & Notes for January 24th, 2022

Newt Gingrich is back from the crypt, saying January 6th investigators should be killed.

Trump whines about his daughter being investigated. Trump's niece replies "Hunter Biden."

The ultra-wealthy are the financial backers behind Conservative calls for book burning.

Trump followers take aim at state atorneys general positions.

Michael Cohen "Trump will throw his kids under the bus."

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The progressive editorial cartoon about voter suppression.

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