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The progressive editorial cartoon about the difference between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to the filibuster.

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Sinusoidal Suicide

Just when you thought you'd heard it all regarding anti-vaxxer lunacy...

Didja hear the one about the 31-year-old man, a father no less, who has a heart condition which will require a transplant? (Heart transplants are no joke. Just to be considered for such surgery takes considerable time, effort, and luck.)

Anyway, the guy's a defiant anti-vaxxer, which has the physicians involved going "Nope! We're not putting a nice, fresh beating heart in someone whose subsequent recovery period would leave him so immunologically fragile that a cold could kill him, and he won't even get a simple and safe vaccine to up his chances of survival. So, no, not a chance. Fuck him."

This example of Red-Hat obliviousness has me shrieking in dismay because it's so fucking typical among these baby-fascist loons. The cognitive dissonance here is at levels you'd otherwise suspect impossible in the known universe.

Lest you miss the point, this idiot is perfectly content with having a live organ from a rando human being inserted into his body and who would then subsequently be required to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his natural life but he won't take a safe and effective vaccine because a reality TV con-man failed in his attempt at overturning a fair and free election.

Man, I wish more of these anti-vaxxers had similar heart problems because that would solve a whole LOT of problems in this country right now.

Eat a bag of dicks when you get to Hell, sir.


In some parallel dimension there's a sentient mushroom with a dick that looks like Trump.

This kind of thought often occurs to me when I'm up too late.


Regarding President Joe Biden calling Fox News' Peter Doocy a "dumb son of a bitch"...

Fox News has never won a major award for journalism.

Fox News is not news. It's propaganda.


Putin is now threatening a cyber-war if he doesn't get his way in Ukraine. (Why would he need to threaten that if he's not going to invade Ukraine. Oh. Right.)

This, to me, is a huge bluff because American cyber-command is way more capable than its Russian counterpart. The threat's main purpose is to sow uncertainty and doubt in the public forum, which is exactly what Putin instructed Trump do to this country for the past five years.

So, yeah, Putie-pants, press your red buttons. Ours are bigger.


end rant

News & Notes for January 25th, 2022

President Joe Biden gives 70,000 federal employees a raise to $15 per hour.

Tucker Carlson and Fox News side with Russia.

DHS warns that right-wing extremists could attack power grid.

Court throws out racist Alabama Congressional map.

President Joe Biden calls a stupid son of a bitch "A stupid son of a bitch."

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The difference between Democrats and Republicans, as told by a sunflower seed and a 6-week old fetus, and I won't tell you which is which.
Democrats would slightly alter the rules of the filibuster to ensure free and fair elections.
Republicans would eliminate the filibuster in order to enact laws that allow the National Guard to suck the eyeballs out of immigrant children with a shop-vac.

The progressive editorial cartoon about the difference between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to the filibuster.

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