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The progressive editorial cartoon about GOP infrastructure lies.

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Speaking Out of Their A$$

Yes, Republicans are taking credit for the Democrat's infrastructure bill. Such lovely little fascists.


Justice Breyer is retiring. We need a pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-environmental, pro-science, pro-tolerance and extremely handsome and well-hung replacement.

I volunteer.


Putin wants to get rid of NATO because NATO was designed to protect the world from self-aggrandizing monsters like Putin, so it all makes sense.

Putin's complaint is that the U.S. military has too much presence in other countries. This is true, but have any of these countries been asking us to leave? If not, then maybe Vlad needs to shut his greedy, murderous pie-hole.

Hey, Vlad. Here's a tip. Just wait for Saudi Arabian terrorists to fly passenger aircraft into the Kremlin. THEN you can safely invade Ukraine. It worked for Dubya.


Red Hats: "Fuck you, Biden!"

Biden: "Doocy's a stupid son of a bitch."

Red Hats clutching pearls: "Oh, mah lawd. How dare he speak that way. I'm feelin' the vapors. Someone fetch me mah smellin' salts."


A school in Tennessee just banned"Maus", a Pulitzer Prize-winning book about the Holocaust. Go buy some copies and send them to your friends.


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News & Notes for January 26th, 2022

Matt Gaetz is going to jail.

Justice Breyer announces his retirement.

Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to be an ass at every opportunity.

DOJ investigating forged Electoral College documents.

San Jose passes law requiring insurance and annual fees for gun ownership.

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GOP elephant with head out his ass.
The Republican Party stand in firm opposition to Joe Biden's wasteful infrastructure bill!
Hey, voters! You won't believe all the money we Republicans got you for infrastructure projects!

The progressive editorial cartoon about GOP infrastructure lies.

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