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The progressive editorial cartoon about the modern Republican presidential candidate.

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Profiles In Core Rage

A message to Republican Congressmen:

Please stop being whores to industry. If you're unclear about the right thing to do or if you're incapable of applying logic and forethought to any issue unless you're receiving lots and lots and lots of money, by companies that want to make even MORE money, and then being told how to vote, then please consider a different, more honorable line of work. Garbage-collection springs immediately to mind but whatever works for you.


Republicans understand they can be as mean and vile and nasty as they want, all the while becoming meaner&nastier&viler, because they've crafting the rules that keep them in power or, at least, close enough to the gears of power that they can easily fling monkey wrenches into the works when Democrats come in to clean up all their monkey poo.

And now they're busy writing, and enacting, laws that will guarantee future victories even though, nationally, they're the minority party.

So unless Manchin and Sinema come to Jesus, soon, the American political scene is sort of in a death spiral, and it's taking us all with it.


We all know why abortion is such a hot topic with Republicans. It's because "Please use birth control" as political messaging doesn't drive one extra Sally Sensible to the polls in sober support.

Meanwhile, the typical GOP message of "Let's protect all the widdle helpless babies that you carry in your love cave from evil Liberals who are coming for your chubby bubble dumpling with rusty pinking shears" is designed to jerk the hormonal chains of Babs Broodmare, who never saw a size zero pair of Air Jordans that didn't cause her milk to instantly drop.

Babs is the kind of woman who says "It's okay to write laws which limit what I can do with my body" but completely neglects the fact that the law doesn't stop at the 38th parallel of her reproductive goodies. This is already in effect when Republicans mask their nefariousness by adding the words "For the children" when postulating any new plan to, ohhh, poison the air or tax blind accordion repairmen.

You know, the usual.


Finally, if you live in Texas be prepared for another Polar Vortex, because it's coming. And, considering what the Legislature did to prepare for it, which is to slap each other on the back and count the haul they made last February, be prepared for losing the whole electrical grid for good this time. Can't hurt.


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News & Notes for September 27th, 2021

Trump's toadies pondered kidnapping and assassinating Julian Assange.

Texas Republicans prepare to cash-in with their own "election audit".

The GOP's plan to steal the 2024 presidential election.

Republican congressional candidate thinks all election officials should be executed.

The entire United States is the Reichstag Building.

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