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Progressive comic about Trump voters and their stramge headgear.

start rant

All Hat(e), No Cattle

Sorry for using "Trump" and "evolution in the same sentence. This is humor, after all.


On the other hand, stripes are slimming.


If you don't like a healthy environment, vote Republican. If you like losing civility in order to make rich people richer, vote Republican. If you like wages to remain stagnant, vote Republican. If you think it's fun to hate people based on their skin color, vote Republican. If you want to leave a terrible world for your children, vote Republican. If you like cartoons that aren't funny because a cabal of oil magnates have conspired to destroy the world for their own gain, vote Republican.


The last time we had a Republican president the Saudis attacked America by destroying five buildings in NY.

Now we have another Republican president and this time the Saudis attacked America by buying condos in NY from him.


Rafael Edward "Felito" "Ted" Cruz is complaining that Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke isn't running for office using his given name.

Well, what ELSE is Rafael gonna campaign on when his political record is one of endless graft and occasional Dr. Seuss poems?


I think too many Americans are impatient with the Mueller investigation not only because the evidence seems so obvious but because TV makes us think such investigations take only 42 minutes, plus commercials.


Xtians don't honestly think the Republican Party is more devout than Democrats. They just know that Republicans are ruthless and once they have power they will allow those pious parasites to enforce arbitrary Xtian rules on all Americans.


"A great way to prove you’re not like the Nazis is to go around demanding to test people’s blood to determine their exact racial composition."

"I’m sure once the U.S. gets to the bottom of this Saudi killing it will do the right thing and invade two unrelated countries." - Jess Dweck @TheDweck

(Jess is my new fave Twitterperson.)


I am the Red Hen. I am Maxine Waters. I am Patricia Okoumou. I am Kristin Mink. I am Robert De Niro. I am David Hogg. I am Emma Gonzelez. I am Mike Avenetti. I am Stormy Daniels. I am Rachel Maddow. I am Pickaxe Guy. I am LeBron James. I am Robert Mueller. I am Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I am Peter Strzok. I am Elizabeth Warren. I am Heather Heyer.  I am Beto O'Rourke. I am Andrew Gillum. I am Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. I am Botham Jean. I am Plaid Shirt Guy. I am Ronan Farrow. I am Christine Blasey Ford. I am Julie Swetnick. I am Deborah Ramirez. I am Colin Kaepernik. I am Taylor Swift. I am Kamala Harris. I am Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I am Stacy Abrams. I am Jamal Khashoggi. I am Seth Myers and Stephen Colbert.

Fuck Trump.


end rant

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