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Progressive comic about Trump voters and their odd hatrd of Hillary Clinton.

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I think I know why Republicans hate the post office.

It's because that's where the FBI posts photos of its "most wanted" and, after awhile, it gets embarrassing for conservatives to have their friends looking back at them while they're mailing explosive devices to the media.


The MAGAbomber cometh.


I'm not worried about bombs being sent to the White House. After all, a man fated to die choking on Putin's cock is safe from explosives.


Suppose you woke up this morning to find that all of the previous ruling figures of, say, Spain, had been killed as a result of a series of explosions, launched by the hands of those in the opposing political party. You'd probably think "What a pathetic, primitive, bloodthirsty country. I sure wouldn't want to live there."

And that's exactly where we are... if not for the fact that the MAGAbomber is curiously inept at blowing people up.


I have cats so, yes, I have cat flaps.

Today I read a review for a cat flap that locks/unlocks in response to your cat's microchip, and it works "with up to 32 different cats".

Challenge accepted.


I am the Red Hen. I am Maxine Waters. I am Patricia Okoumou. I am Kristin Mink. I am Robert De Niro. I am David Hogg. I am Emma Gonzelez. I am Mike Avenetti. I am Stormy Daniels. I am Rachel Maddow. I am Pickaxe Guy. I am LeBron James. I am Robert Mueller. I am Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I am Peter Strzok. I am Elizabeth Warren. I am Heather Heyer. I am Beto O'Rourke. I am Andrew Gillum. I am Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. I am Botham Jean. I am Plaid Shirt Guy. I am Ronan Farrow. I am Christine Blasey Ford. I am Julie Swetnick. I am Deborah Ramirez. I am Colin Kaepernik. I am Taylor Swift. I am Kamala Harris. I am Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I am Stacy Abrams. I am Jamal Khashoggi. I am Seth Myers and Stephen Colbert. I am Stonekettle.

Fuck Trump.


end rant

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Trump evolution Trump evolution