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Progressive comic about Republicans and pre-existing conditions.

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Really? Yes, evidently.

I have this to say to the giant Orange Man-Baby, the NRA and the Republican Party in regard to today's shooting in Pittsburgh.


You know those whistles that only dogs can hear? That fat ignorant pustule in the White House uses the kinds of language that only racists can understand. The rest of us only hear "Ha-ha! Fuck you! I won!"

I also think those MAGA hats must be some sort translation device. Without it all you hear is Trump gibberish, but with the hat on everything probably sounds like the Gettysburg Address.


Could we please send U.S. troops to the Florida border to defend us against Dodge Caravans covered in Trump stickers?


Cesar Sayoc is being described as a "56-year-old white male conservative with a history of criminal activity".

Good thing he was arrested before Trump made him head of Homeland Security.


Technical Note: For the past couple of weeks I've improved the navigation so that you can click on either side of the comic to go forward/backwards rather than poking at the links. This only counts for the past eight or so comics but I plan on adding this to at least all of 2018s comic soon.


I am the Red Hen. I am Maxine Waters. I am Patricia Okoumou. I am Kristin Mink. I am Robert De Niro. I am David Hogg. I am Emma Gonzelez. I am Mike Avenetti. I am Stormy Daniels. I am Rachel Maddow. I am Pickaxe Guy. I am LeBron James. I am Robert Mueller. I am Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I am Peter Strzok. I am Elizabeth Warren. I am Heather Heyer. I am Beto O'Rourke. I am Andrew Gillum. I am Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. I am Botham Jean. I am Plaid Shirt Guy. I am Ronan Farrow. I am Christine Blasey Ford. I am Julie Swetnick. I am Deborah Ramirez. I am Colin Kaepernik. I am Taylor Swift. I am Kamala Harris. I am Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I am Stacy Abrams. I am Jamal Khashoggi. I am Seth Myers and Stephen Colbert. I am Stonekettle.  I am George Soros.

Fuck Trump.


end rant

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