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The progressive editorial cartoon about the guid to GOP motherhood.

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I'll See You In November

Dear Friends and Enemies of Raging Pencils;

There's nothing I have enjoyed better these past fifteen years than lambasting the Russiapublicans in my unique cartoon form. It's been the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep.

Unfortunately, this has slowly and inexorably taken its toll on my physical and <chuckle> mental health. Which, frankly, was unexpected and, frankly, sucks.

But this is not the end. I'm not giving up the fight. I'm just going to step away from the field of battle for the full month of October and then reassess my condition come Halloween. I don't perceive further insurrections on the Republic this coming month that require my reportage and I have every faith that Pelosi and Schumer and company will keep the wheels fully inflated and rolling along as per usual.

For the duration I'll keep up the same schedule (such as it is) of 'toons by posting Raging Pencils of earlier epochs, just sans Rants apart from the occasional "Wish you were here" (or the subtle notice of a GoFundMe for anal warts).

Heck! You'll probably not even notice the difference in style or tenor of the comics as the GOP was just as stupid and greedy fifteen years ago as it is today.

Long story even longer, I want to thank all you faithful Pencil-necks from the bottom of my twisted little heart for sticking around all these years. I'm totally incapable of love so, for now, let's just leave it at "I lurve you". But I lurve you a lot.



end rant

News & Notes for September 29th, 2021

All California voters to be automatically mailed voting ballots.

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the republican guide to motherhood.
The progressive editorial cartoon about the next generation of Republican presidential candidates.

sexual politics comic gop evolution comic