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The progressive editorial cartoon about how men and women interrelate.

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Goodbye September. Hello October.

This is Day 2+ of my self-enforced stay-cay and I'm feeling better already. Thanks for all the encouragement.

But, wouldn't ya know, my internet connection blew its mind this morning and a full day of hair-pulling and tech support came down to a new modem.

Hope your day was better.

Today's cartoon was from 2-2-15. It's a personal favorite.


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News & Notes for October 1st, 2021

Eight months ago Joe Manchin wanted to spend $4 trillion on infrastructure. Now, not so much. Fuck you, Joe.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Man speaking math to woman speaking music.
The progressive editorial cartoon about the next generation of Republican presidential candidates.

bottled water comic gop motherhood comic