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The progressive editorial cartoon about god-damned plastic.

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Monkeying Around

I was reading a recent interview with noted anthropologist Jane Goodall and a statement of hers popped out at me:

"I care about the future, I care about animals, I care about trees, I care about children. And I'm obstinate and I won't give in. I won't be defeated by the Bushes, and the Putins, and the Bolsonaros, all these terrible, terrible people."

Putin, yeah, terrible person. Bolsonaro, yeah, also terrible.

But Bush? Which one, Jane?

Neil Bush - The one banned from banking due to his part in the Silverado S&L collapse.
Jeb Bush - The Governor of Florida who helped Dubya steal the election in 2000.
H.W. Bush - The one who ignited the Oil Wars by tacitly inviting Iraq to invade Kuwait.
Marvin Bush - The one who was on the board of directors for security of the World Trade Towers.
George W. Bush - Ick! Yuck! Pooh! Grrr!

Yes, we've suffered a plague of Bushes but there are more to come. Consider yourself warned by the best.

Thanks, Jane.


One day after I declared my October "vacation" my copy of Chrome quit working. The error message when visiting web sites was something about my clock being out of date. It wasn't.

I use Chrome almost exclusively so this was a big problem. Just what I needed for my jangled nerves. Sigh.

Three days later, after hours of calls with my ISP and web host, plus a new DSL modem, the problem remained unresolved. Until Sunday afternoon.

Long story short, it was my browser's security certificate that had expired. I was like, "WHY IS THAT EVEN A THING?"

But it IS a thing and it affected lots of older hardware besides this teletype machine I use for arting and hentai acquisition.

Hope your weekend was better.


Today's comic originally appeared January 11, 2016.


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News & Notes for October 4th, 2021

55 per-cent of police killings are classified as other causes of death.

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Satan as snake offering plastic water bottle to Eve in the Garden of Eden.
The progressive editorial cartoon about plastic.

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