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The progressive editorial cartoon about NRA lobbyists.

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We're learning recently what we've always suspected and that is that Facebook is fostering misinformation just to make a few extra billion bucks in pocket money.

For the record, my "Raging Pencils" Facebook account has over 7700 followers and I do my best to keep the signal pure, by double-checking my informational sources before sharing them there. Yes, Trumpy-trolls try to sneak in and spew the RWNJ party line in the comments but I blast them out the airlock without remorse ASAP.

When users on other social media sites complain about what a crap-hole FB is I quickly remind them about The 7700 and how we're all on the side of Democracy there. FB can be a mixed-blessing but I see it as a tool for the greater good if policed ethically and I couldn't be happier to have those good folks all pointing and laughing at the same Conservative crap that I do.



The Trump/Bush tax cuts equaled about 3 trillion dollars. All the cash went to the 1% and was paid for by the 99%.

The Biden plan: 3 trillion dollars for the 99%, paid for by the 1%.

Hmmm, which one makes more sense? Hmmmm.


If a genie appeared and gave me one wish I think the best idea would be a safe, reliable fusion reactor as it would solve the root of this world's problems.

I know, I know. It's not as much fun as a pony for everyone. Besides, you can buy your own damn pony.


Today's comic originally appeared April 10, 2013.


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News & Notes for October 6th, 2021

Facebook whistleblower: "Facebook products harm children and weaken democracy."

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

NRA zombie in car being fellated by prostitute.
Lobbyist: One day I asked myself “where will I be when
the last brain is eaten?” So I sought the kind of steady gig that could satisfy my souless appetite for torment.
Who knew I’d end up a lobbyist for the NRA?
Hooker: That's nice, honey, but if you want psychoanalysis that'll be another ten bucks.
The progressive editorial cartoon about NRA lobbyists.

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