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The progressive editorial cartoon about people who would rather die than get the covid vaccine.

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R.I.P. - Resisted Immunological Precautions

I made a joke yesterday on one of my social media accounts, one which rhymes with "base-puke", about Texas Republicans passing laws allowing fellow Texans to punch women in the face if they mentioned birth control within 500 feet of a gun store.

It was a JOKE.

Today a Texas Republican Congressman, Bryan Slayton, introduced a bill asking for the death penalty for both women who have abortions AND their doctors.

I live in Texas and it's time to nuke this state from space. Sometimes the only was to kill a cancer is to burn it out with radiation.

I am, of course, waxing furiously hyperbolic but I needed all who do not dwell in this benighted part of the world to know we're not all raging lunatics here. Texas Republicans have systematically suppressed the Democratic vote in this state for decades and now we're the on the glide path to becoming the new Somalia, so maybe I'm not being so hyperbolic after all.

(Slayton's bill is pointless, as of this moment, as abortion is a moot point in Texas so this is nothing more than the Congressman engaging in a little sadistic misogyny, telling the women of Texas that they are garbage, trash that must be disposed of once they've sullied themselves via the Constitutionally guaranteed right of privacy.)


Why doesn't the GOP come right out and state that their presidential candidate for 2024 is the COVID-19 virus?


The following is from the "Just Trying To Help" division of Raging Pencils:

If an NFL quarterback was only completing 25-33% of his passes the game would suck.

Well, that's MLB, where they only put 25% of balls into play. Boring.

Here's a solution:

Move the pitcher's mound back 6-10 feet and give the hitter's a better look at the ball. Simple.


What do the words "monster" and "mobster" have in common?



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News & Notes for September 22nd, 2021

Steve Bannon is a traitorous bastard.

Memo reveals Trump campaign knew voting machine claims were baseless.

Krysten Sinema is a money-grubbing tool of Big Pharma.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis cuts Florida's covid-resistance throat.

17 Nobel Prize-winning economists back President Joe Bide's economic plan.

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Woman and daughter at grave with red hat on gravestone.
I thought we had vaccines against covid.
We do. There's just no medical defense against willful ignorance.
R.I.P. - Resisted Immunological Precautions
The progressive editorial cartoon about people who die rather than get the covid vaccine

the modern gop comic save the earth comic