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The progressive editorial cartoon about ending the filibuster and saving the world.

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Home Screwed Home

The Republican Plan to win, or retain, the Presidency:

1. Work with hostile, foreign powers to spread propaganda on social media.
2. Appeal to racists, fascists and misogynists.
3. Lie. Lie about everything.
4. Encourage Republican Governors to throw out Democratic votes.
6. Stage a coup by attacking the Capitol.
7. Threaten to start a nuclear war.
8. When all that fails, alter state laws to suppress the Democratic vote.

The Democratic Plan to win, or retain, the Presidency:

1. Make Election Day a federal holiday.
2. Let everyone vote.


Unofficial political party mottos:

Democrats: "For the Greater Good."

Republicans: "For the Greed is Good!"


The military doesn't vote to make buck privates four-star generals. They don't allow raw recruits to buy their way into a position of ultimate power. They have a system where you work your way up the ladder through hard work and experience.

We need to employ exactly such a system in our politics.

First dog catcher, then city council, then Mayor, then Governor, then Congressman, then President. No short-cuts, no more disasters like Trump.

(In case you didn't notice the above description for competent governance basically describes Carter, Clinton, and Obama. Reagan, George W. Bush and Tinypinkies McCrazyPants all went from political hangers-on to higher-office based on name recognition alone.)


FBI Director Wray (appointed by Trump)

Attack on the Capitol: "Meh."
Sexual assault of female athletes: "Yawn."
Brett Kavanaugh background check: "Zzzzzzz."

I'm thinkin' we can do SO much better than this mook.
Wray has to go. The sooner the better.


Never forget that the plan of authoritarians is to wear you down emotionally until you give up and succumb to anything they say. It's a psychological attack.

So continue resisting the malignant actions of these Republican scum and be ready to vote in 2022.


RIP Norm MacDonald.

How come the funny people we love die more often than the monstrous politicians we hate?


end rant

News & Notes for September 20th, 2021

Border Patrol agents caught using whips on Haitian from horseback.

Florida Republicans caught in email admitting new election restriction laws have nothing to do with voter fraud.

81% of Americans disapprove of Texas's $10,000 abortion bounty law.

The iconic General Sherman sequoia survived the KNP fire.

California has the lowest per-capita covid infection rate of any state in the Union.

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for want of a vote the environmental candidate was lost
for want of an environmental candidate the green legislation was lost
for the loss of green legislation the environment was lost
For the loss of the enviroment we're all now royally fucked.
The progressive editorial cartoon about ending the filibuster and saving the earth

death by covid comic heartless gop comic