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The progressive editorial cartoon about six week old embryos.

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Yes, I blew off any 9/11 'toon because I'm sick of the predilection of this country for self-pity and thoughts & fucking prayers and a complete lack of desire to hang those responsible for the attacks by their entrails... and one of them was allowed to stand on stage and act all butt-hurt about it by allowing it to happen.


The following may seem apropos of nothing but bear with me.

When I was a kid I was addicted to model airplanes, specifically any combat aircraft that flew between 1939 and 1945. I'd steal, uh, borrow Mother's waitressing tips and hustle down to the hobby shop every week and slobber all over the selection. Revell, Monogram, Airfix, Pactra… Hell, I'd even take a Lindberg model kit if that was all I could afford. My collection eventually grew to nearly cover all the available space on the walls and ceiling of the little bedroom that I shared with two of my brothers.

Back then I read a lot about World War II, my dream being one day to join the Air Force, and I thought I knew a lot about the business of flying warplanes but I learned something this week concerning aircraft carriers that absolutely chilled me.

In case you didn't know, WWII aircraft carriers did not generally employ catapults to launch their aircraft skyward. The standard procedure was to have the ships race into the wind as fast as their diesel turbines could propel them while on deck pilots locked their brakes and revved their engines. When the moment finally came the pilots would release their brakes, accelerate with all their craft's capacity and heave their machines into the air. Most of the time they were successful, but sometimes (and here's the chilling part)…

Sometimes the engines of planes would lose power at a critical moment. They'd lift momentarily into the sky and then disappear over the forward bow. When this happened the pilots inevitably died, either by drowning or being chewed to pieces by the carrier's huge propellers as it rode over them. There were no chase vehicles sailing ahead of the carrier to effect a rescue in just such an event. No one to pluck them from the sea. Pilots ditching in this manner didn't occur often but it was a danger every pilot knew and understood.

These pilots, these men who faced death on take-off and on landing and in combat, were real heroes. They gambled their own lives every time they lifted into the air. It was their duty and their privilege to protect this country and they did it without regret until the war was finally over.

The people who died in the Twin Towers on 9/11 were not heroes, they were victims. And the soldiers who spent twenty years in Iraq and Afghanistan plucking a million eyes in revenge for that day's attack were not heroes, either. They were tools. And the sooner all Americans understand that politicians used our soldiers, young and old, for the benefit of oil companies then the harder we should fight the next time we're asked to do our "patriotic duty".


end rant

News & Notes for September 13th, 2021

Texas GOP website hacked and replaced by Planned Parenthood fundraiser.

Since 9/11 the Pentagon has spent $14 trillion dollars on defense contractors.

58% of Americans support President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate.

Delta Airlines reports 4000 employees got vaccinated.

How a Massachusetts case could end the Texas abortion law.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about six week old embryos

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