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The progressive editorial cartoon about willfully ignorant Trump voters.

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Paradise Loss

When you look at the Bible this way you have to think that even the most pious adherent of that highly edited collection of Bronze Age myths has to grudgingly admit that the Big Kahoona had predestined man to eat that "apple" and then proceed to destroy the Earth.

God is a madman. I say we stop believing in him.


If Trump had stolen the election, or outright destroyed this Republic via his Insurrection, Texas would not have needed to outlaw abortion or enact voter restrictions because those laws are designed to be used as political weapons. They'd be unnecessary under a Trump dictatorship with Bill Barr, who would have gladly remained as AG, and a Supreme Court in Conservative thrall.

Again, Texas Republicans are consigning women to death because that gives them an imagined political advantage they didn't need until now.


An infectious disease expert, Dr. Charity Dean, said something interesting recently.

She said that if do everything right we can get COVID under control in a year.

But if we don't, and the anti-vaxxers/GOP/Fox News are seeing to that, then the pandemic will endure for at least another three years.

Hmmm. Three years.

That puts us square in the flames of the 2024 Presidential elections where Republicans can bray "Democrats mishandled the pandemic and ruined this country!"

Even worse, after three years the covid will be gone and a (presumptive) Republican administration will take the credit. Ugh.

Don't tell me Conservatives don't understand science, and how to abuse it to their advantage.

Or how to use attacks on this country to their political advantage, too.

See you tomorrow.


end rant

News & Notes for September 10th, 2021

God has no place in Supreme Court decisions.

United Airlines employees who have religious objections to the COVID vaccine will be placed on unpaid leave.

LDS church won't help California members avoid vaccine mandates.

President Joe Biden has had quite enough of anti-vaxxer bullshit.

Justice Breyer callas Supreme Court decision on Texas abortion law "very, very, very, VERY wrong."

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The entire Bible if God had made Trumpers first.
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And they never did. The End.
The progressive editorial cartoon about willfully ignorant Trump voters.

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