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The progressive editorial cartoon about Texas's bat-shit anti-abortion restrictions.

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In case you, or someone you know, is in need of help in terminating a pregnancy here is some helpful information.

These two sites offer access to abortion pills, even in Texas.


reddit.com/r/auntienetwork is also super helpful if you need advice, someone to talk to or a place to stay in a choice-friendly state.

These following two sites are all about providing funding for safe and legal abortions to women that don't have access, in addition to finding and working with clinics. Please consider donating to them or setting up a fund!!



Hey, GOP!

Instead of outlawing abortion why not just make Texas men double-pinky-swear promise to treat sex with women more responsibly and not get one pregnant with whom they have no intention of marrying or raising children together?

(I write stuff like this to make myself laugh. I am laughing very hard right now. Can you hear me laughing? Though I may be crying. Sometimes it's hard to tell these days.)


How does one say "Fuck you, American Conservatives!" in Spanish?

Thank you, Mexico!


When Texas Governor Abbott says "Texas will stop rapists" that's Republican-speak for "Rape all you want."


In Idaho the hospitals are so overwhelmed with covid-19 patients that hospital staff is allotting its limited ICU resources to patients most likely to survive and consigning the sickest patients (I.E. the unvaccinated) to "comfort care", which is basically drugs to keep them sedated and comfortable until they die of the virus (or miraculously survive). It's all the hospital can do.

Get vaccinated. Get vaccinated. PLEASE get vaccinated.

A group of Redditors assembled a certainly incomplete collection of Republican code words (modestly edited by yours turly). To use the words as a proper Conservative would you have to wink once or twice each time you say each one out loud.

American values - White skin
Family values - Misogyny
Urban voters - Black voters
Multiculturalism - Black men want to screw your daughter
Immigrants - The bad brown ones, not the nice white ones
Right to work - Keeping wages low and jobs anti-union
Voter fraud - Educated Black voters
Right to life - Control over women
Christian values - Homophobia
Defence of marriage - Watching gay men kiss is icky
Experts - Intelligent, yes, but information is hard, dogma is easy, and our voters are stupid.
Pro gun - Enable irrational paranoia
Mass media - Jews
Patriot - Our new Brownshirts
Woke - Smart-ass kids
West Coast Elite - Jewish millionaires
Thug - The N word
Cancel Culture - Liberals pointing out our corruption
Globalism - Jews. Israel.
Drain The Swamp - One-party Republican rule.
Critical Race Theory - Never let Black people learn they have rights
Blue Lives Matter - To protect and serve White people
America First - Caucasians first
Heritage - White skinned people
Terrorist - Muslim
Entitlements - Social Security
Purity - White
Antifa - Real patriots whom we must demonize from the moment we wake up until the moment we collapse into an inebriated heap in the arms of a hooker supplied by a pharmaceutical industry lobbyist.


Dialogue from the movie :"It's A Wonderful Vaccine"

"Daddy, Teacher says: 'Every time an unvaccinated person dies of covid in an ICU an angel farts in their general direction.'"


Sick thought:

Maybe these new Texas abortion restrictions are actually a very clever scheme to reduce the population. You see, these laws will encourage more women to be more careful when they have sex and...

No, it's just the GOP hating on poor people and trying to divide the electorate... again.


end rant

News & Notes for September 8th, 2021

Feds ask Marjorie Taylor Greene about $3.5 million in unaccounted campaign cash.

The largest Robert E. Lee statue has been removed.

The top 1 per-cent are evading $163 billion in taxes.... every year.

Biden fires Trump holdovers from military advisory boards.

Greg Abbott's approval rating hits all-time low.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty: New York got rid of its governor that sexually harrassed eleven women.
GOP elephant: About time! Women's right should always be respected!
So shouldn't Texas get rid of a governor who is sexually harrassing millions of women by denying them a Constitutionally guaranteed medical procedure?
Hey! Is that voter fraud over there? By golly, it sure is!
The progressive editorial cartoon about the new Texas abortion restriction laws.

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