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The progressive editorial cartoon about Texas's bat-shit anti-abortion restrictions.

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Most Men Just Mow the Lawn For Sex

Hey! GOP!

Instead of forcing women to give birth why not end income inequality and install the kind of social programs that would entice families to have more children.
But that's not really the point of your new abortion-restriction laws, now is it?

Cruelty is the point. Yeah, we get it.


The Texas "right to life" cretins claim their goal is to "protect Texas women from abortion".

"From" abortion.

That's no different than saying they'd outlaw surgeons so that heart patients can be protected from heart surgery.


A $10,000 bounty for finking on a woman who's had an abortion is an odd amount until you realize it's almost equal to that of a year's wages for a part-time (35 hours) minimum-wage worker. Or a year's wages for a full-time minimum-wage worker when legal fees are deducted.


You want to know who's REALLY responsible for this new anti-abortion law in Texas?

Mitch McConnell.

Mitch. Fucking. McConnell.

(A Senator who had 39% approval in his state in 2020 yet won re-election. Funny that.)

He's singularly responsible for the Shadow Court that now is remaking America in Prosperity-Jesus's image.


Can you imagine how monumentally difficult it must be to be a health provider in Louisiana today? You work at a hospital all day but there's no gas to get you home afterwards, limited opportunities for food, and possibly even no home to go to. And it'll be this way for weeks.

There is true heroism in this country today and it's fighting fires and fighting covid but it DAMN sure ain't sitting in air-conditioned comfort while taking reproductive choice and the vote away from Americans.


Who knew that a person's reaction to a virus would turn out be an incredibly accurate indicator of their IQ?


Oh, and if you think this Texas abortion law travesty is going to be the last abysmal decision by the five Conservatives on the Supreme Court then you better buckle up, buckaroo, 'cause it's going to be a bumpy ride.


And, finally....

I fondly recall the night I took a grammarian-virgin home and broke her hyphen.


end rant

News & Notes for September 4th, 2021

President Joe Biden signs order to declassify 9/11 attack investigation documents.

TikTokkers and coders attempting to spam Texas anti-abortion site into oblivion.

The Satanic Temple attempts to sidestep Texas abortion law.

National compnaies begin pushing back against Texas abortion laws.

Susan Collins is a lying moron.

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Texas abortion rights fund.
The progressive editorial cartoon about the new Texas abortion restriction laws.

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