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The progressive editorial cartoon about Texas's bat-shit anti-abortion restrictions.

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Texas Women Are Fucked, Baby

How do you prove the exact moment that a woman conceives?

How can you prove the difference between a fertilized ovum that's 42 days old and one that's 41 days 23 hours and 50 seconds old?

Last time I checked there is something called "the 5th Amendment" that protects people against self-incrimination.

Trump's business associates use it all the time.

Hey! And let's talk ectopic pregnancies.

Suppose you're unaware that you're pregnant and suddenly, boom, you're in the hospital with an 8 week old fetus stuck in your fallopian tube trying to kill you.

According to the Texas law, the person who called 911, the people who drive the ambulance, the nurse that admits you, the surgeon who saves your life, ALL of these people are on the hook for a $10,000 legal fine.

Texas Republicans are monsters.


Yeah, bonus cartoon today because I'm PISSED! And it's staying B&W. Baby.


end rant

News & Notes for September 1st, 2021

President Joe Biden says the new Texas abortion laws blatantly violates Constitutional rights.

Ann Coulter calls Trump "a wuss".

Since 2001 the U.S. has spent $21 trillion on militarism home and abroad.

50th U.S. Capitol rioter pleads guilty. 600 have been arrested.

Due to covid children's hospitals are running out of beds.

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Texas Republicans explain the reasoning for their new abortion restriction laws to Texas women.
The progressive editorial cartoon about the new Texas abortion restriction laws.

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