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The progressive editorial cartoon comparing anti-vaxxers to rat infestation.

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Not getting the covid-19 vaccine is like leaving your garbage out for the rats.

So it would be like you're breeding rats.

In your nose.

Nose rats.

(It has been brought to my attention that some people believe this cartoon equates the unvaccinated with rats, ala the way the Notsies referred to the Jooz back in the 1930s, and I can easily understand the confusion. In truth, the rats in this jape represent the covid virus itself. Nothing more, nothing less. The Republican Party, on the other hand, is rife with rat-fuckers. I'm glad we had an opportunty for this talk.)


I've heard, anecdotally, that if you have Delta so bad that they have to intubate you it is highly unlikely that you'll survive.

So don't get covid. Get the shot.


A reminder:

Right after 9-11 Dubya was reported to have said "Lucky me! I won the trifecta."

Meaning, because of war, recession, and national emergency he could raid the Social Security Trust Fund.

So not only did he drag America into a 20 year quagmire, he screwed senior citizens, too.

May he rot in Hell.


Based on how Conservatives are criticizing President Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan I'm guessing they would have killed all the bad Afghanis first and then left.

They had 20 years to do that so maybe they should just shut the fuck up.


America was never actually fighting a war in Afghanistan as "war" usually means you're fighting an actual army. And the Taliban is an army the way I'm the Queen of Morocco.

We initially invaded the country as a means of throwing our military might around to hide the shame of allowing 9-11 to happen. After awhile the military-industrial-Republican complex refused to be weaned off those trillion-dollar teats and so we remained for 20 years.

There is another Afghanistan in this country's future. The socialized jobs program we call "the Defense Department" demands living targets to test its wares upon, and it'll find one.


President Joe Biden's oversight and shepherding of the Afghanistan withdrawal has been an incredible accomplishment.

Thank you, Mr. President, and to all who have worked so hard, especially those who gave their lives, to end this nightmare.


And finally...

What do you think? Should I color this one?


end rant

News & Notes for August 31st, 2021

Trump political fund paid $4.3 million to insurrection organizers.

Ron DeathSentence tells educators "No masks or no pay."

Top Republican donors are staying away from Trump.

President Joe Biden: "It was time to end this war."

666 (No, that is not a typo) new bat-shit Texas laws go into effect September 1st.

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Dumpster labelled unvaccinated swarming with breeding rats. Two garbage cans labeled Moderna and Pfizer in foreground.
Rat thinks: Well, fuck.
The progressive editorial cartoon comparing anti-vaxxers to rat infestation.

texas abortion laws comic the covid objective comic