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The progressive editorial cartoon about anti-vaxxers.

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Sicks Object

If Backstabber McGoo had been elected President in 2009 we wouldn't be worrying about Covid-19 today.

Because we would all be suffering horribly due to zika and ebola because he would have totally fucked THAT up, too.

Honest to gawd, if there was a pandemic of ebola in this country today Conservatives would be shouting "It's our children's RIGHT to have their flesh slowly eaten away!"

Just fuck these ignorant, selfish people.


Anyone who is not vaccinated but is in the hospital being treated for covid is basically committing manslaughter as people ill from serious diseases or conditions are now dying because there are no hospital beds available.

Triage those anti-vaxxer motherfukkers into the nearest church and let Jesus treat them.


Afghanistan is a fire that Reagan fueled, Dubya ignited, and Trump surrounded with tiger pits when the firemen finally arrived to douse the flame.

Meanwhile the conservative media is on the sideline, hooting clamorously like killer chimps for more blood, because it'll sell more bananas.


This was essentially Trump's deal with the Taliban:

"We'll have our troops out of Afghanistan by May 1 or you can start shooting at them again."

And WHY would Trump agree to a deal to have U.S. soldiers out of Afghanistan by May 1 when he wasn't 100% certain that he'd still be in office?




This isn't a birthday party we're throwing in Afghanistan, you Conservative monsters. It's the tail end of a war.

Quit rooting for the enemy and support the President.


And, finally:

batman and robin and afghanistan


end rant

News & Notes for August 27th, 2021

Judge blocks Governor DeSantis' anti-mask order.

Texas passes racist voter suppression bill.

A Wisconsin school district says "Lets school kids go hungry."

Covid patients overwhelm Texas hospitals.

Capitol police officers sue Trump for January 6th Capitol attack.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about anti-vaxxers.

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