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The progressive editorial cartoon about the maga brain and anti-vaxxers.

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Brain Feud

The thing that bothers me about Rachel Maddow ending her 5-night-a-week gig next year is the political timing of it. 2022 and 2024 will be critical election years and we need her.

I'm having flashbacks to Letterman and Stewart leaving the air just before the 2016 elections.


You just KNOW that right-wing media is going to make a big stinking deal about all these "muslims" in our American midst until, oh, right after the 2024 elections.
Then they'll suddenly disappear, like Hillary's emails.


Regardless of right-wing spin the Biden administration is doing a fine job of airlifting our Afghan friends out of danger.

t-Rump, on the other hand, would have required Afghanis to "donate" money for tickets with all proceeds going to his "inaugural fund".

Either that or have Mexico pay for the evacuation.

(And now I hear that Eric Prince, that cancerous lesion of a human, is trying to charge Afgnanis $6500 for a flight out of the country on his private planes. There is no bottom.)


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News & Notes for August 25th, 2021

About 89% of rental assistance has yet to be distributed.

The January 6th Committee asks for Trump White House communication records.

Covid vaccine shows no sign of affecting fertility or boners.

South Dakota covid cases quintuple after Sturgis bike rally.

NRA cancels meeting in Houston due to covid.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about maga brains and anti-vaxxers.

anti-vaxxer comic the american taliban comic